2020 Year In Review: Rising to New Challenges

InSphero CEO Jan Lichtenberg extends holiday greetings from our teams in Switzerland and the United States and looks back on the highlights of 2020: a tumultuous year shaped by a global pandemic.

The 2020 Year In Review - Season's Greetings from InSphero

Dear friends and partners of InSphero,

The remarkable year 2020 draws to an end. The Coronavirus pandemic came like a thief at night. It showed us how vulnerable our modern society still is – and how much more we need to learn in the field of life science.

Our team at InSphero looks back at a challenging year that we successfully navigated together. Despite the pandemic restrictions InSphero continues to grow, and we moved into a larger, new office and laboratory space this summer. Our 3D Discovery Platforms in diabetes, NASH, liver steatosis, and oncology generated exciting results for our pharma and biotech partners and have helped to identify new compounds or to understand the mechanism of action of existing ones.

Our drug safety programs continue to help our partners to address hazards early on and to save time to market in the clinical phase. Very exciting for us, we have started out-licensing activities for InSphero’s first own pharmaceutical assets.

Personally, I miss the opportunities to get together with you all, whether it is at scientific conferences, business meetings, or for a private dinner. I keep my fingers crossed that we will have the chance to do this in 2021.

Thank you for the many collaborations with us this year, and our best wishes for a successful and healthy new year 2021!

Jan Lichtenberg, PhD
InSphero CEO and Co-founder

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