3D Cell Culture Tools

For more than a decade, InSphero has developed and optimized technologies for robust and reproducible production, cultivation and assaying of 3D spheroids and organoids. In countless successful collaboration projects with pharmaceutical and biotech partners, our technology has contributed to deep biological insights, better decisions and safer drugs.

Leverage the most complete portfolio of 3D Plate formats and accessories for 3D cell culture.

Akura™ Spheroid Microplates

Microplates are an important tool in scientific research for a variety of applications including cell culture, drug discovery, and biochemical assays. These plates allow researchers to run multiple experiments at the same time, increasing their efficiency. The most common microplates are 96-well and 384-well, with the former being popular for cell culture experiments. Furthermore, Ultra Low Attachment (ULA) microplates have a unique surface coating that prevents cells from adhering to the wells, making them ideal for suspension cell culture or applications requiring minimal cell attachment.

Akura™ 384 ImagePro

Akura™ 384 ImagePro

Akura™ 384 Spheroid Microplate

Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplate

Akura™ PLUS Hanging Drop System

Akura™ Organ-on-Chip Platforms

If you would like to augment your 3D assay and add physiological flow, organ-organ interaction and immune competence, we propose one of our Advanced Organ-on-Chip Platforms. Built on the Akura™ Spheroid Microplates and Models, you can easily transfer all established readouts, while preserving the high robustness, reliability and scalability.

Akura™ Flow 384

Akura™ Flow Organ-on-Chip

Akura™ Flow Organ-on-Chip System

Akura™ Immune Flow Organ-on-Chip

Akura™ Immune Flow Organ-on-Chip Platform

Akura™ Twin Microplate

3D Cell Culture Accessories

Upgrade your in vitro experiments with innovative solutions for reliable cell culture experience.

Akura™ Tilting Stand

InSphero Incubox™

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