About InSphero - Pioneering 3D cell-based technology

About InSphero

Pioneering 3D cell culture technology for scalable, robust and physiologically relevant in vitro insights

Our Vision

Enabling the delivery of life-saving therapies to patients worldwide using our 3D in vitro models

Our Mission

Our mission focuses on continuously advancing the understanding of human biology and generating actionable insights on prospective drug candidates. Our interdisciplinary team is enabling the production of 3D cell culture in vitro models and organ chips that mimic human biology. Our expertise and commitment propel novel, rapid, and safe drug discovery for life-threatening diseases using our comprehensive suite of products and services.

Our Core Values

  • Vision, passion, and long-term commitment to developing technologies advancing science and universal life quality for patients
  • Integrity and ethics, adhering to our scientific duty, and promoting alternative methods to eliminate animal testing and environmental impact
  • Recognition and empowerment for our most valuable assets, our employees
  • Agility, adaptability, and continuous innovation through creativity, risk-taking, and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Trust, open communication, and transparency in our business ecosystem
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion, both in our workplace and through our research

Our History and Commitment

InSphero sets the standard for 3D cell culture in vitro testing for novel drugs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with comprehensive solutions that provide greater confidence in decision-making.

Our suite of 3D InSight™ Platforms and Services is based on cutting-edge 3D cell culture technology and is used by major biopharmaceutical companies worldwide to increase efficiency in drug discovery and drug safety testing.

Our patented 3D cell culture models and products enable the scalable production of scaffold-free 3D microtissues driven solely by cellular self-assembly.

InSphero specializes in delivering assay-ready and custom 3D cell culture models derived from liver, pancreatic islet, and tumor tissues, to provide unrivaled biological insight into liver toxicology, metabolic diseases, and oncology.

All InSphero organoids are validated to ensure the highest quality, reproducibility and are certified for use in multiple assays. The 3D organoids are shipped globally in a patented, spheroid-optimized format, ready for research.

Field application scientists and research staff with expertise in working with 3D cell culture models help ensure efficient integration and onsite training as needed.

For customers who prefer an outsourcing strategy with fast turnaround, InSphero also offers contract research services utilizing their 3D organoid models.

InSphero 3D InSight™ solutions drive significant findings in peer-reviewed journals, through collaborative industry initiatives such as EU-ToxRisk for toxicology and HeCaToS, and have gained validation in the world’s largest government institutions, biopharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Founded in 2009, the privately held company is headquartered in Schlieren, Switzerland, with a US subsidiary in Brunswick, ME. InSphero has been recognized for its scientific and commercial achievements with several national and international innovation awards.

In addition, InSphero has implemented and maintains a quality management system that has been verified to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015  standard.

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