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Our Partners

Innovation through collaboration

InSphero partners with leading biotechnology providers and academic institutions to develop 3D cell-based technologies that help our customers yield actionable insights from our 3D InSight™ platforms using gold-standard detection and imaging technologies. The end-users of our assay-ready microtissues are provided with technical protocols and best practices for our 3D InSight™ Services and insights from our collaborative research programs.

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Yokogawa Electric Corporation – Life Innovation Business

Yokogawa partners with InSphero to develop methods for imaging and analysis of 3D and 4D microtissues using the CellVoyager High-Content Imaging family of products, including the bench-top CQ1 instrument as well as the high-throughput CV8000 system for advanced toxicology and efficacy testing applications. Image acquisition is supplemented by the analysis software suite CellPathfinder™, which incorporates machine learning and deep learning.


Promega Corp., USA

One of the world’s most trusted providers of luminescent and fluorescent-based assay providers, Promega has worked closely with InSphero since 2010 to validate and optimize assays for use with 3D microtissues, including CellTiter-Glo® ATP assays, LDH and apoptosis assays, as well as high-quality RNA extraction from InSphero microtissues.


Biognosys AG, Switzerland

Biognosys is a leading proteomics company, providing superior technology and software for highly multiplexed protein quantification. Biognosys has partnered closely with InSphero to provide high-sensitivity and specificity proteomics analysis to characterize 3D InSight™ Microtissue functionality, and provide ground-breaking insights in toxicity and efficacy omics applications.


Seahorse Bioscience, Inc., USA (Agilent Technologies)

The Seahorse platform from Agilent Technologies is the gold-standard portfolio of metabolic analyzers and assay kits for measuring real-time cell metabolism in live cells. Seahorse and InSphero have worked closely to optimize protocols using the XFe96 Spheroid Microplate to enable functional, metabolic measurements of 3D InSight™ Microtissues via innovative microplate geometry that ensures correct positioning of the spheroid to deliver reproducible measurements of cellular respiration and glycolysis. Related service: 3D InSight™ Mitochondrial Toxicity Testing in Human Liver Microtissues.



ALPCO is a trusted manufacturer of testing solutions used by scientists and healthcare professionals to advance research and quality of care. The STELLUX® portfolio of chemiluminescent biomarker ELISA kits provides the sensitivity and wide dynamic range required to efficiently and reliably detect key analytes released from microtissues, such as insulin released from 3D InSight™ Human Islet Microtissues.


ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hierlemann, Bio Engineering Laboratory Basel

Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Prof. Dr. Ernst Stelzer, Institute of Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

Prof. Dr. Michael J. Atkinson, Institute of Radiation Biology

Leibniz Research Center for Working Environment and Human Factors, Germany

Prof. Jan Hengstler, director of IfaDo

Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria

Dr. Arno Ammann, Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology
Prof. Dr. Alain G. Zeimet, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

University of Berne, Switzerland

Dr. Christian Zuppinger, Department of Clinical Research, Cardiovascular Research Group

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Horizon 2020 - The European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Horizon 2020 provides grants to research and innovation projects through open and competitive calls for proposals. Implemented by the European Commission, it is the eighth framework programme funding research, technological development, and innovation.

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ARON - Assay-Ready Organ Network

The world of drug discovery is exciting but very challenging. Effective drug development starts with cell-based assays research, which involves creating test systems with which to test the efficacy and toxicity of compounds. This makes physiological and predictive preclinical in vitro assays essential for new medicines to hit the market. To facilitate the process, the EU-funded ARON project has developed a so-called assay-ready organ network, described as the most advanced modular in vitro assay platform that will set a new standard for a wide range of cell-based, preclinical testing. It will shift the organ-on-a-chip technology from a late-stage, luxury service to routinely used ready-to-use assays. Overall, the project aims to reduce costs, time to market and animal testing.

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An Integrated European “Flagship” Programme Driving Mechanism-based Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment for the 21st century.

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Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency

Innosuisse’s role is to promote science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society in Switzerland.

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PATROLS - Physiologically Anchored Tools for Realistic nanOmateriaL hazard aSsessment

PATROLS is an international project combining a team of academics, industrial scientists, government officials and risk assessors to deliver advanced and realistic tools and methods for nanomaterial safety assessment.

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Moore4Medical accelerates innovation in electronic medical devices. The project addresses emerging medical applications and technologies that offer significant new opportunities for patients as well as for industry including: bioelectronic medicines, organ-on-chip, drug adherence monitoring, smart ultrasound, radiation free interventions and continuous monitoring.

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Eurostars supports international innovative projects led by research and development- performing small- and medium-sized enterprises (R&D-performing SMEs).

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Development of CMTM6 inhibitors: Modulation of PDL1 for cancer treatment. ImmuneNOVA aims to establish preclinical proof-of-concept in in vivo oncology models and in relevant patient-derived in vitro cell models for a novel immune checkpoint inhibitor targeting CMTM6. This grant project is funded by Eurostars.

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Development of an optimized pancreatic cell tool kit to enable accelerated diabetes drug discovery

nOVAb - A novel targeted treatment against ovarian cancer