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3D InSight™ Liver Disease models are based on 3D InSight™ Human Liver Organoid solutions, powered by 3D cell culture technology.

They are engineered to incorporate all the primary human liver cells required to recapitulate the disease state, including:

  • primary hepatocytes
  • Kupffer cells
  • hepatic stellate cells
  • and liver endothelial cells.

These advanced models are designed for high throughput screening and efficacy testing of drugs for metabolic diseases of the liver, such as diet-induced steatosis, NASH, and liver fibrosis.

These 3D liver models are ideal for long-term dosing protocols necessary to gauge the effectiveness of novel compounds. Watch this video to learn how we developed the first preclinical in vitro model for NASH and fibrosis.

Liver Disease Platform Applications

Human Liver Spheroid model for toxicology testing

Diet-induced Steatosis

Mimic the first stage of human NAFLD and extend your assay window for efficacy testing of anti-steatotic drugs

Human Liver Spheroid model for toxicology testing

NASH and Fibrosis

Leverage an automation-compatible, disease-tunable liver disease model for NASH and fibrosis drug discovery

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Brochure: FFA-BSA Kit for steatosis induction

Human Liver in vitro NASH Model

Brochure: NASH Model

Poster human liver NASH model

Poster: Human Liver NASH Model


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