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Combinatorial Drug Testing

Use combinatorial anti-cancer drug efficacy testing to identify synergistic effects

Combinatorial drug treatment is a powerful approach to cancer therapy, often reducing resistance or recurrence compared to single-agent treatment, and reducing side effects by achieving equal or superior efficacy at lower doses. 3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissues are amenable to high-throughput combinatorial efficacy testing, enabling screening for synergistic effects of your drug together with standards of care or other novel drugs, both as matrix or fixed ratio combinations.

  • Assess combinatorial efficacy (fix or matrix) using pre-qualified, highly reproducible tumor or tumor-stromal co-culture models in a scaffold-free, assay-ready format
  • Exploit our tumor 3D microtissues for combinatorial screening approaches in high throughput using more physiologically relevant 3D tumor models
  • Predict and prioritize the most promising conditions for clinical phase setup with phenotypic and biochemical readouts of tumor growth and viability

Example Data

An image showing example data of Combinatorial drug testing, dose response

An image showing example data of Combinatorial drug testing, combination index analysis

An image showing example data of Combinatorial drug testing, isobologram

Combinatorial Drug Testing: Simultaneous treatment of 2 different compounds as pairwise combination in melanoma primary cell-derived microtissues (as shown in the bright field panel). The Chou Talalay analysis performed show that microtissues treated with the combination of drugs were more sensitive as compared to single drug treatments. Left panel: The plot shows measured Treatment/Control size values for single and pairwise combination compounds. Middle panel: Isobologram analysis showing that IC50 of the combination falls on the lower left, showing their synergistic effect. Right panel: index analysis performed using Chou Talalay method (right panel): CI=1 Additive; CI<1 synergy; CI>1 antagonism.

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