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Efficacy Testing

Single Drug Testing

Assess single agent efficacy with phenotypic and biochemical endpoints

Assay-ready and customized 3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissues give you the flexibility to test single drug efficacy in more physiologically relevant tumor and tumor-stromal models.

  • Monitor phenotypic and biochemical responses to drug in a model that reflects better reflects tissue composition and nutrient/compound diffusion gradients
  • Assess efficacy of long-term drug exposure in physiologically relevant 3D tumor models
  • Explore kinetics of pathway activation and mode of action employing our tumor microtissues for additional 3D-optimized biochemical, histological and omics-based characterization.

Example Data

HCT-116 colon cancer Microtissues treated with Taxol. HCT-116 Microtissue growth kinetics assessed as MT area vs culture time (left panel). Efficacy of Taxol as assessed by microtissue size (middle) and viability (right) following 10 day drug treatment protocol.

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