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Utilize physiologically relevant 3D tumor models engineered for I-O applications

Immuno-oncology, the activation of the patient’s immune response to recognize and selectively kill tumor cells, is a rapidly advancing field of cancer biology. Clinical success in achieving complete remission or an increase in long-term disease-free survival in several cancers has intensified the pursuit of cancer immunotherapies. 3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissues are an especially conducive ex vivo platform (1) for testing the ability of activated immune cell components to effectively penetrate and mediate tumor-specific cell killing in an environment that more closely reflects the in vivo tumor.


Immuno-oncology Applications


Evaluate the enhancement of immune cell infiltration following compound treatment

Immune-mediated Tumor Cell Killing

Assess the effectiveness of immune-therapeutic strategies ex vivo

Antibody Penetration

Assess penetration of antibodies and engineered antibody fragments in vitro

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