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Antibody Penetration

Assess penetration of antibodies and engineered antibody fragments in vitro

Antibody penetration and distribution of biologics depend on a variety of factors, such as tissue density, antibody affinity, antigen density per cell, and physio-chemical properties. 3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissues offer a unique in vitro tool for assessing and optimizing penetration kinetics of antibodies and engineered antibody fragments.

  • Test the kinetics of antibody penetration and distribution into scaffold-free 3D tumor microtissues by immunofluorescence
  • Utilize biomimetic complex tumor models with native-like ECM and tissue density
  • Improve therapeutic indices by assessing preclinical candidates for their ability to penetrate solid in vivo-like tumor microtissue in vitro

Example Data

Assess antibody penetration kinetics.  Immunofluorescence of cryosections from BT-474 breast cancer microtissues showing the penetration and distribution of a tested antibody after 1 hour of treatment.

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