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Tumor Relapse

Study tumor relapse potential and classify therapeutic efficacy

The highly reproducible size of 3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissues, and the ability to monitor their growth over many days in culture in a non-disruptive manner, makes them an ideal model for studying tumor relapse potential after exposure to a drug or drug combination.

  • Compare tumor growth under continual or pulsed treatment conditions to assess the tumor relapse potential of your drug
  • Obtain a relapse index for your tested compound based on the individual growth profiles relative to treated and non-treated groups
  • Classify your compounds and compound combinations according to their risk for tumor relapse potential

Example Data

Relapse assay in HCT-116 colorectal tumor microtissues. Based on an initial range finding of Taxol (TAX, cell division inhibitor), and Doxorubicin (DOX, DNA synthesis inhibitor) to determine EC20 and EC50 values, tumor growth was monitored via size profiling over 10 days. Drugs were administered continuously (gray line), for first 5 days only (green) or received no drug (black). The table shows the EC20 and EC50 obtained for each drug, and the relapse index (Rel) obtained based on those values.

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