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ARCTis™ Oncology
Always Ready Cryo Tissues

Cryo: 0% Development Time and Cost

ARCTis™ CryoTumors are optimized for reliable formation, uniform size and cell composition, and growth window.

– You thaw, culture, and generate data that keeps your project moving.

80% Faster assay start

From freezer to assay-ready 3D tumor spheroid in 48 hours.

– Gives your team a head start to project completion.

Reflecting tumor heterogeneity – 100s of cell-types

We are building the largest 3D CryoTumor bank in the world.

Our goal for the end of 2023: 100 cell-line-based tumor models (mono-culture and co-culture with connective tissue) always at your disposal … and we keep expanding.

– Bigger and better datasets to capture tumor heterogeneity.

0% Spheroid loss

Are you tired of losing spheroids during a medium exchange in your round-bottom plates? Our patented Akura™ plates reliably prevent spheroid loss by protecting it in our SureExchange well.

– Successful projects, no missing data points.

100% Reliability

Uniform tumor spheroids in every well, unmet plate-to-plate and batch-to-batch repeatability, guaranteed cell line identity

– The foundation of projects that impress.

An image depicting the usage of InSphero's cryo technologies by narrowing down the process step-by-step. It describes the advantages of 3D cell culture in four steps.

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