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Sep 04 - 07, 2016

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Liver Microtissues | 3 Steps to 3D | Posters

Meet InSphero at EUROTOX2016, the 52nd European Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology, to learn more about how 3D InSight™ Microtissues and Services can help you evaluate, adopt, and integrate our next-generation 3D models into your safety testing workflow. We’ll be introducing our 3D InSight™ Mitotoxicity Testing Service, an advanced functional mitochondrial toxicity assay that combines the Seahorse XFe96 Platform with 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues (Visit poster P16-01). It’s the latest addition to our menu of 3D InSight™ In Vitro Toxicology Services, which allow you to leverage our 3D expertise and extend your scientific staff.

Stop by our posters, or visit us at Booth #12 to talk to an InSphero representative about how you can take advantage of our solutions for toxicology in your research.

Discover our most powerful 3D liver model for predicting DILI

Human Liver MT neu

3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues are developed from pooled hepatocytes isolated from 10 donors (5 male, 5 female) co-cultured with Kupffer cells, and are ideal for DILI testing and mechanistic toxicity studies. Multi-donor hepatocytes more closely approximate the average human response, mitigate potentially confounding responses resulting from single-donor CYP polymorphisms, and extend donor lot availability to ensure a long-term supply of donor material. (Visit poster P08-035)


3 Steps to 3D Integration

The world’s leading pharmaceutical companies have integrated InSphero 3D InSight™ Liver Microtissues into their DILI testing workflow. Now we’ve made it simple for you.

With our 3D InSight™ DILI Evaluation Service, you evaluate our next-generation human liver microtissues by letting our experts do all the work. We test 6 of your compounds and determine an IC50 using a 14 day, repeat-dosing protocol with ATP endpoint in our 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissue model. You get the results to compare to our reference compound data in just 3 weeks.

Our 3D InSight™ DILI Evaluation Kit helps get you started using our liver microtissue models in-house. It includes human liver microtissues, optimized media, 6 reference compounds, ATP assay reagents, and a detailed protocol to simplify in-house adoption of InSphero microtissues—everything you need to predict the DILI risk for up to six compounds of interest. As you implement the 3D protocol, you’ll also be validating the results of your evaluation project. You get the full support of our 3D experts, and in about 3 weeks you’ll be ready to integrate our advanced 3D models into your workflow.

Microtissues are available weekly for delivery to your lab. Your can order plates of 3D InSight™ Microtissues as you need them – – or plan ahead using our online microtissue production schedule. Enjoy the assay-ready convenience of standardized 3D liver models and optimized media delivered to your lab, and rest assured you’re using the most reliable and biologically relevant in vitro DILI testing model available. Focus on the results, and leave the production and QC to InSphero.


Your 3D InSight™ Planner for EUROTOX2016

Congress Date
04. – 07. September, 2016

FIBES, Conference and Exhibition Centre (Seville, Spain)



Poster Session I: 5 September 2016 (12-14pm)

P01-009: Evaluation of Species-specific Drug-induced Liver Injury in 3D Rat, Dog, Monkey and Human Liver Microtissues
Presented by Dr. Monika Kijanska

P06-035: 3D Hepatic Spheroid Models for the Detection and Study of Compounds with Cholestatic Liability
Presented by Dr. Simon Messner

P08-035: Characterization and Application of 3D Multi-Donor Human Liver Microtissues for Predictive DILI Testing and Mechanistic Investigations
Presented by Dr. Monika Kijanska

P08-053: Characterization of a Novel In Vitro 3D Skin Microtissue Model for Efficacy and Toxicity Testing
Presented by Dr. Monika Kijanska

P08-059: A Novel Standardized In Vitro Islet Model System for Efficacy and Toxicity Testing in Pancreatic β-cells
Presented by Dr. Simon Messner

Poster Session II: 6 September 2016 (12-14pm)

P16-017: Assessment of Mitochondrial Activity in 3D Human Liver Microtissues as a Tool for Mechanistic Investigations of Adverse Drug Effects
Presented by Dr. Simon Messner