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Where to Meet InSphero Scientists in 2020

Mar 19 - Dec 31, 2020

The Next Best Thing to Human

In March 2020, as most scientific meetings and conferences began canceling in-person events and converting to virtual meetings, InSphero quickly responded by repackaging the scientific talks and posters we planned to present this year as webinars.  In our live webinars, you can chat with our scientists and engineers questions during our interactive Q&A  sessions.  Our on-demand webinars give you the flexibility to gather information when it's most convenient for you.  We also continue to participate in meetings that have e-poster galleries and other online media appropriate for sharing our science and 3D cell-based technology.  If you have questions about our upcoming virtual event schedule, please contact your InSphero representative or email us.

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This organ-on-a-chip talk is one of the many webinar topics InSphero is now offering on demand.