EUSAAT 2016 - 17th Annual Congress of EUSAAT - Insphero

EUSAAT 2016 – 17th Annual Congress of EUSAAT

Aug 24 - 27, 2016

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August 24 – 27, 2016

Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz
Linz, Austria

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Talk “Increasing biological relevance in vitro: From single microtissues to micro-physiological systems
by Dr Jens Kelm of InSphero

Talk “Automation-compatible EST assay
by Dr Simon Ströbel of InSphero

Practical Training Course

Use of ready-made 3D model systems by Dr. Jens Kelm of InSphero
In vitro models have become more complex over the past years to better reflect in vivo structure and function. However, the more complex in vitro models become the more difficult it will be to ensure that the models are standardized and display comparable characteristics. A good example for successful introduction of standardized, ready-to-use 3D in vitro models are skin and epithelial models. Due to better standardization, in vitro models of the skin and epithelium are only rarely produced by the researchers themselves but rather bought from regular suppliers. Next to skin and epithelial models only a few other tissue types are available as ready-to-use organotypic tissue culture models. Adding to the portfolio of available organotypic models systems, we will introduce 3D liver and islet microtissue platforms and how these models can be used to assess DILI and DIII. Both models are composed of primary cells and reflect tissue-like cell composition. Based on an increased in vitro lifetime of both organ models, standardized in vitro assays will be showcased to assess toxicity over a 14-day time frame.


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