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Eurotox 2019
55th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology

Sep 08 - 11, 2019

The Next Best Thing to Human

Meet InSphero Toxicology and 3D cell-based assay experts at Eurotox 2019 to learn how you can screen for toxic compounds earlier with the 3D™ InSight Liver Toxicology Platform and translational safety solutions.

  • Achieve 2X sensitivity in DILI prediction without sacrificing specificity
  • Minimize risks late-stage market withdrawal
  • Rely on ISO 9001:2015 quality-controlled microtissues
  • Reduce animal testing with pharma-validated 3D liver models

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Enabling sensitive DILI prediction through the presence of DILI-relevant biological pathways and exposure settings (1-5)

Tease out Mechanisms of Toxicity

Talk to our team at Eurotox to discuss how we can work for you. 3D InSight™ Toxicology Services combine the predictive power of our physiologically relevant liver models with the applications expertise of our scientific staff.

  • Standardized DILI Screening
  • Custom Mechanistic & Investigative Studies
  • Mitochondrial Tox
  • Pancreatic Endocrine Toxicity

Conference Detail

Eurotox 2019
September 7-11, 2019
Finlandia Hall,
Helsinki, Finland

Program Information
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  • InSphero Booth: 58

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Poster Presentations

Session: PV01 – In Vitro Testing

Monday, September 9, , During official congress breaks, Veranda Lounge, Piazza
Poster Number: P06-032
Presenting Author: Adrian Rea, InSphero
Title: Using 3D human liver microtissues to model NASH progression in vitro for drug discovery and safety testing

Session: PV02 – Topic: P08 Liver Toxicology

Tuesday, September 10, During official congress breaks, Veranda Lounge, Piazzs
Poster Number: P08-012
Presenting Author: Agata Górecka, InSphero
Title: Assessment of drug hepatotoxicity in 3D InSight™ Liver Microtissues with expanded panel of cytotoxicity markers (AST, LDH and ATP)

InSphero In-Booth Posters

September 9-11, during exhibition hours, Booth 58

  • 3D InSight™ Liver Toxicology Platform
  • 3D InSight™ Human Liver Disease Platform
  • Predict DILI with Confidence
  • Translational Safety for Drug Development
  • Akura™ Flow Scalable Organ-on-a-Chip platform
  • Akura™ 96 and 384 Plate Technologies