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Organs and Tissues on Chips (Keystone D1 2018)

Apr 08 - 12, 2018

Transforming Drug Discovery and Development with Body-on-a-Chip Technology

Join InSphero Head of Technology Platforms Dr. Olivier Frey at the Keystone D1 symposium to learn about ongoing efforts and various applications of tissues-on-chips technology.  Dr. Frey will be available during the meeting to discuss how InSphero can help you:

  • Use the latest technology to test drugs on organ models to better understand how they may affect the body as a whole
  • Address common challenges of emerging microfluidic devices with the InSphero Akura™ Flow microphysiological system.
  • Become an application development partner and help shape the future of Organs- and Tissues-on-Chips in drug discovery and development

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InSphero Talks Integrated Organs-on-Chips

During the Monday session on Integrated Organs-on-Chips, Dr. Frey will give a short talk on automating multi-tissue microphysiological systems based on 3D microtissues.  He will preview Akura Flow™, our new microphysiological system, designed for organs-on-chips applications such as low clearance assays and metabolic disease modeling using multiple types of 3D InSight™ microtissues, and discuss how it can be applied to:

  • Minimize cell, medium and compound use in a miniaturized 10-microtissue configuration
  • Leverage maximum physiological complexity while minimizing operational complexity
  • Compare numerous conditions in parallel on one plate in a scalable, automation-compatible platform
  • Employ a diverse array of experimental endpoints

Conference Detail

  • Conference Dates: April 8-12, 2018

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Oral Presentations

Integrated Organs on Chips Session

Monday, April 9, 5 – 7 PM
Short talk: Automating Multi-Tissue Microphysiological Systems Based on 3D Microtissues
Presenter Olivier Frey, PhD, InSphero

Tissue Chips for Personalized Medicine Session

Thursday, April 12, 2:30 – 16:30 PM
Short talk: Leukemia on Chip – Flow- and Metabolism-Based Microphysiological Multi-Tissue System for Patient-Derived Liquid Biopsies
Presenter Kasper Renggli, PhD, ETH Zurich

Poster Presentations

Systemic Embrotoxicity

Title: Multi-organ platform for systemic embryotoxicity testing in vitro
Presenting Author: Julia Boos, ETH Zurich

Metabolic Systems

Title: A microfluidic multi-tissue system to study the interaction of pancreatic islets and liver microtissues
Presenting Author: Patrick Misun, ETH Zurich


Title: Towards a three-dimensional microfluidic in vitro model to assess efficacy & safety of immune-stimulatory antibody drugs
Presenting Author: Ramona Nudischer, Roche