SOT 58th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2019 - InSphero

SOT 58th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2019

Mar 10 - 14, 2019

The Next Best Thing to Human

Meet InSphero Toxicology and 3D cell-based assay experts at SOT 2019 to learn how you can screen for toxic compounds earlier with the 3D™ InSight Liver Toxicology Platform and translational safety solutions.

  • Achieve 2X sensitivity in DILI prediction without sacrificing specificity
  • Minimize risks late-stage market withdrawal
  • Rely on ISO 9001:2015 quality-controlled microtissues
  • Reduce animal testing with pharma-validated 3D liver models

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Enabling sensitive DILI prediction through the presence of DILI-relevant biological pathways and exposure settings (1-5)

Tease out Mechanisms of Toxicity

Talk to our team at SOT to discuss how we can work for you. 3D InSight™ Toxicology Services combine the predictive power of our physiologically relevant liver models with the applications expertise of our scientific staff.

  • Standardized DILI Screening
  • Custom Mechanistic & Investigative Studies
  • Mitochondrial Tox
  • Pancreatic Endocrine Toxicity

Conference Detail

SOT 2019 and ToxExpo
March 10-14, 2019
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD USA

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  • InSphero Booth: 3339

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Oral Presentations

Exhibitor Hosted Session

Monday, March 11, 12 – 1 PM, Room 339
Scalable 3D In Vitro Technology for Predictive DILI Screening, Mechanistic Hepatotoxicity Testing, and Translational Safety
A comprehensive evaluation of clinical compounds in 3D human and animal liver co-cultures consisting of primary hepatocytes and Kupffer cells for improved DILI prediction compared to standard 2D hepatocyte culture will be presented. Data on functional characterization of 3D human liver co-cultures in 384-well plates suitable for high-throughput screening will also be shared.

Exhibitor Hosted Session

Tuesday, March 12, 1:30 – 2:30 AM, Room 339
A Scalable, 3D In Vitro Drug Discovery Platform for NASH and Fibrosis
Characterization and applications of 3D microtissue models for screening and efficacy testing of anti-NASH and anti-fibrotic drugs will be discussed. These advanced human disease models contain the relevant primary liver cell types involved in disease initiation and progression, and incorporate key pathophysiological aspects, such as inflammation and scarring.

Poster Presentations

Session: Liver II

Monday, March 11, 1:30 – 3 PM, Exhibit Hall
Poster Number: 1283/P312
Presenting Author: Radina Kostadinova, InSphero
Title: Using 3D Human Liver Microtissues to Model NASH Progression In Vitro for Drug Discovery and Safety Testing

Session: Safety Assessment Pharmaceutical

Monday, March 11, 130 – 3 PM, Exhibit Hall
Poster Number: 1436/P502
Presenting Author: Judi Wardwell, InSphero
Title: Assessment of DILI using 3D Human Liver Microtissues

Session: Cell Death and Apoptosis

Tuesday, March 12, 1:30 – 3 PM, Exhibit Hall
Poster Number: 2079/P471
Presenting Author: Natasha Karassina, Promega Corp
Title: Sensitive Luminescent LDH-Release Assay that Enables “Real-Time” Sampling from Individual 3D Microtissues

Session: Late-breaking 9: Toxicokinetics, Mixtures

Thursday, March 14, 8:30 – 11:30 AM, Exhibit Hall
Poster Number: 3485/P281
Presenting Author: Judi Wardwell, InSphero
Title: Applications of Organ-on-a-Chip Systems in DMPK

InSphero In-Booth Posters

March 11-13, during exhibit hours, ToxExpo Booth 3339

  • 3D InSight™ Liver Toxicology Platform
  • 3D InSight™ Human Liver Disease Platform
  • Predict DILI with Confidence
  • Translational Safety for Drug Development
  • Akura™ Flow Scalable Organ-on-a-Chip platform
  • Akura™ 96 and 384 Plate Technologies