SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2021 - InSphero

SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2021

Mar 12 - 26, 2021

Harness the Power of 3D

Meet InSphero Toxicology and 3D cell-based assay experts at SOT 2021 to learn how you can leverage tailored 3D in vitro solutions, engineered to help you:

  • Screen compounds and predict drug-induced liver injury (DILI)
  • Apply 3D causality assays for functional validation of DILI mechanisms
  • Conduct mechanistic and investigative toxicology studies
  • Develop translational safety programs with x-species liver models
  • Model complex diseases using scalable 3D in vitro technology platforms

Stop by our virtual booth (#2055), where our conference team – Armin Wolf, Radina Kostadinova, Ragoo Raghunathan, Sue Grepper, Tomas Hejhal and Adrian Rea – will connect with you via text chat and answer your questions.

We encourage you to visit our Poster sessions in the SOT e-gallery to find out about our platform advances for modeling NAFLD& NASH as well as assessing safety of new therapeutic modalities, such as potential for ASO-induced DILI, using our human liver models. And mark your online planner so you don't miss our exhibitor-hosted sessions: together with our collaborators from Pfizer, Sanofi, Merck, and Genentech, we will introduce our new X-Species DILI Validation Consortium, and present a new quantitative approach for assessing effects of NASH drugs on fibrosis based on powerful new tools from PharmaNest.

Enabling sensitive DILI prediction through the presence of DILI-relevant biological pathways and exposure settings (1-5)

Tease out Mechanisms of Toxicity

Talk to our team at SOT to discuss how we can work for you. Our 3D InSight™ Toxicology Platform combines the predictive power of our physiologically relevant liver models with the applications expertise of our scientific staff.

  • Standardized DILI Screening
  • Custom mechanistic & investigative Studies
  • 3D-optimized causality assays for assessing effects of reactive metabolites and oxygen species
  • Translational toxicology programs
  • Alternatives to animal testing

Conference Detail

SOT 2021 ToxExpo
March 12-26, 2021
Virtual Conference

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Oral Presentations

Exhibitor Hosted Session

Wednesday, March 17, 9 – 10 AM ET
New Drug Safety Initiative: The X-Species DILI Validation Consortium

Presenters: Prof. Armin Wolf, PhD, CSO, InSphero; Dr. Jonathan Jackson, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer; Piyush Bajaj, Principal Scientist, Sanofi; Philip Hewitt, Global Head of Early Investigative Toxicology, Merck; Leah Norona, Associate Scientist, Genentech

Using animal models to predict human DILI has known issues and high failure rates. The X-Species DILI Validation Consortium brings together representatives from biopharma to compare drug effects in regulatory animal models and human 3D in vitro liver models, and recapitulate in vivo findings in animals by specific DILI mechanisms to improve translation.

Exhibitor Hosted Session

Monday, March 22, 9 – 10 AM ET
Phenotypic Quantification of Liver Fibrosis in a Human 3D In Vitro NASH Platform

Presenters: Radina Kostadinova, Product Manager, Liver Microtissues, InSphero; Mathieu Petitjean, CEO, PharmaNest

Human 3D in vitro models can be powerful tools for single and combinatorial drug screening. Our robust NASH discovery platform is engineered to recapitulate progression of steatosis, inflammation, and fibrosis in patients. We’ll discuss biopharma applications and present a new quantitative approach for assessing effects of NASH drugs on fibrosis.

Poster Presentations

Session: Liver: In Vivo

Wednesday, March 17, 11:15 AM – 1 PM ET

Poster Number: 2175|P168
Presenting Author: Radina Kostadinova, Product Manager, Liver Microtissues, InSphero
High-Throughput NASH Drug Efficacy Testing Using a Scalable Human 3D In Vitro Discovery Platform
The aim of the study was to develop a scalable, high-throughput-screening platform for drug efficacy testing, based on a human-cell-based 3D in vitro NASH model, to enable predictive and efficient screening of NASH compounds and combination therapies.

Session: Safety Assessment: Pharmaceutical—Drug Development

Thursday, March 25, 1 – 2:45 PM ET
Poster Number: 3819|P172
Presenting Author: Sue Grepper, Scientific Ambassador, InSphero
DILI Testing of Antisense Oligonucleotides Using 3D Human Liver Microtissues
The aim of this study was to compare liver toxicity of ASOs that induced different degrees of liver toxicity in mice and 2D cell lines with their effects in 3D human liver microtissues.