Published: October 17, 2023

InSphero launches new website showcasing “The Model of Excellence™” empowering breakthroughs in 3D in vitro therapies 

InSphero launches new website showcasing “The Model of Excellence™” empowering breakthroughs in 3D in vitro therapies

Zurich, Switzerland – October 17, 2023

InSphero AG, a global leader in 3D in vitro technologies, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand-new website, designed to provide researchers with enhanced usability and an array of resources for cutting-edge advancements in Liver Safety, Liver Disease, Oncology & Immunology, and Islet Biology. The website also introduces "The Model of Excellence™", InSphero’s scalable, reproducible, and automation-compatible 3D in vitro technology poised to usher in a new era of breakthrough therapies. 

InSphero has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery by providing researchers with innovative tools to mimic human biology more accurately. With the launch of the new website, InSphero solidifies its commitment to advancing the field of 3D in vitro technologies and cell culture tools that enable the development of transformative new therapies. 

Key Features of the New InSphero Website:

Introducing “The Model of Excellence™”: InSphero's groundbreaking 3D in vitro technology that empowers researchers to fuel a new era of breakthrough therapies.

Enhanced Usability: The new website is designed with the user experience in mind, offering intuitive navigation and an intuitive interface. Researchers can easily access valuable information to support their studies. 

Comprehensive Resource Library:  InSphero's website hosts a wealth of resources for researchers specializing in Liver Safety, Liver Disease, Oncology & Immunology, Islet Biology, and 3D Cell Culture Technology. From whitepapers and webinars to scientific publications and posters, the resource library provides a comprehensive knowledge hub for those seeking to stay at the forefront of 3D in vitro research. 

3D Cell Culture Tools: InSphero's website showcases an extensive range of 3D cell culture tools, enabling researchers to recreate complex cellular microenvironments. These tools empower scientists to delve deeper into disease mechanisms, drug responses, and treatment development. 

“Through years of dedication and innovation, InSphero has solidified its position as a leader in 3D in vitro technology," said Jan Lichtenberg, PhD, CEO at InSphero. "Our new website marks an exciting milestone in our journey, providing researchers with an enhanced platform to explore 'The Model of Excellence' and its potential to revolutionize therapeutic discovery." 


Revamped and Live: Explore Our New Virtual Home! 

Delve into the pages of our freshly launched virtual space and immerse yourself in learning about our innovative solutions designed for investigating mechanisms of drug toxicity and ensuring efficacy.  While navigating our new website, keep an eye out for a hidden surprise – a small white InSphero logo!   

Should you spot it, click, and fill out the form to enter our exclusive giveaway. You could be the fortunate winner of one of the prizes below:  

  1. ARCTis™ Human Tumor Starter Pack – Valued at $5000
  2. A service/product credit – Valued at $2500

Explore, learn, and stand a chance to win with InSphero! 

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About InSphero 

InSphero is the only 3D in vitro model company with the platform and expertise to modernize drug discovery in a way that empowers researchers to reach their full potential. Our innovative spheroid-based models allow more effective, safe therapies to contact the clinic through superior robustness, reliability, reproducibility, and scalability. InSphero’s goal is to inspire the next generation of breakthrough therapies through customer obsession, commitment to innovation, and the model of excellence. 

Media Contacts 

Rositsa Hadzhipetrova
+41 44 515 05 15  

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