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InSphero assay-ready organoids are engineered and certified for use in critical drug development applications and validated to ensure uniform size, robust functionality, and reproducible results.

We develop 3D InSight™ Microtissues using the most advanced 3D cell culture technologies available to produce highly predictive, fully QC’d organotypic in vitro models ready to use in pharma drug discovery, efficacy, and safety.

These organoids form the foundation of our 3D InSight™ platforms for drug discovery and drug safety, which we rely on in all our research collaborations and services.

Many of our 3D liver models and 3D islet models are also available as assay-ready microtissues, shipped live and ready to use to labs throughout Europe and North America.

Human Islet Microtissue

Assay-ready Microtissues: What's Included in the Products

  • Plates of microtissues in Akura™ 96 or 384 plate format, 1 microtissue per well. Assay-ready microtissues are delivered to your lab, ready to use in experiments after a media exchange and short recovery period, usually within hours of delivery
  • Optimized maintenance medium formulated specifically for each tissue type
  • Documentation on microtissue handling and access to our library of technical protocols
  • Ongoing product and application support from our scientific team of the 3D liver, 3D islet, and 3D tumor microtissue experts

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