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How to order

Through our 3D InSight™ platforms for drug discovery and safety testing, we provide 3D in vitro solutions for a broad range of biomedical experiments and program workflows – from standardized co-culture models appropriate for routine assays to disease-tunable platforms for complex drug discovery.

That’s why the best way to get started with InSphero and make your order is to talk to us. Click on one of the links below to fill out a brief form to let us know your area of interest, and we’ll contact you promptly with details about the best platform, models, and pricing for your project.

Liver Microtissues

Order assay-ready liver microtissues
online at the InSphero R&D Store

Islet Microtissues

Tumor Microtissues

Submit your quote or order request through the Science Exchange Network

Our portfolio of 3D organoid models and assay-ready services for drug discovery and safety testing is also available through the Science Exchange marketplace for outsourced R&D.

If your organization prefers to submit quote requests and orders through the Science Exchange network, click on the button below to visit our storefront.

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