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3D InSight™ Platform Add-ons for Assessment of β-cell Function

Through our 3D InSight™ Diabetes Discovery Platform and Platform Add-ons, we offer a comprehensive β-cell function application suite that includes everything you need to quantify insulin secretion from 3D InSight™ Islet Microtissues.

Discover our Platform-add ons

  • InSight™ Islet Microtissues are uniform, functionally robust, and long-lived primary islets delivered in an assay-ready, automation-compatible format.
  • 3D InSight™ Human Islet Maintenance Medium is optimized for pancreatic islet microtissue culture to support healthy endocrine activity and viability of islet cells in long-term culture.
  • 3D InSight™ Krebs-Ringer HEPES Buffer is a physiological solution designed for the assessment of hormone secretion from 3D InSight™ Islet Microtissues.
  • ALPCO STELLUX® Chemi Human Insulin ELISA is a highly sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) with a broad dynamic range ideal for quantifying insulin secretion from 3D InSight™ Islet Microtissues.

Read our application note on assessment of β-cell function in 3D InSight™ Islet Microtissues using the ALPCO STELLUX® Chemi Human Insulin ELISA and learn how you can apply this application suite to take full advantage of two best-in-class systems.

  • High sensitivity of STELLUX® ELISA enables accurate quantification of basal insulin secretion from human islet microtissues
  • A wide variety of experimental windows for glucose-stimulated insulin secretion from human islet microtissues is supported by the broad dynamic range of STELLUX® ELISA


InSphero Certified – ALPCO STELLUX® Chemi Human Insulin ELISA

The STELLUX® Chemi Human Insulin ELISA measures the concentration of insulin protein products and offers superior performance compared to other similar kits in the market. The assay utilizes a dual-monoclonal antibody sandwich format, tri-level control set, and 96-well microplate comprising removable strips. The assay can measure up to 37 samples in duplicate and can be used in a variety of sample types.

  • Broad Dynamic Range (5 – 30,000 pg/mL)
    Significantly reduces sample preparation time by eliminating dilution steps and the guesswork involved in determining dilution factors, saving time and money. No guessing, no diluting, no repeating.
  • Sensitivity
    Superior assay sensitivity compared to current competitive products on the market. LOD: <2.0 pg/mL, with a lower limit of quantification of 20 pg/mL.
  • One Assay to Fit All Sample Types
    The assay works with human serum, heparin plasma and tissue culture supernatants.
  • Lot Validation Package
    TLot validation includes functional sensitivity, inter- and intra-assay precision, accuracy, LLOQ , and ULOQ.

Our Diabetes Platform development team rigorously tested various commercially available insulin ELISAs on the market, and ALPCO’s STELLUX® ELISA technology either met or exceeded all our criteria for certification.

Certified Applications

Approved for assessment of Available as
Insulin secretion MM | AS | TP
Insulin content MM | AS | TP
Islet viability MM | AS | TP

MM = Microtissue Model
AS = Assay Service
TP = Technical Protocol

Order Information

Catalog # Description
MT-04-002-01 3D InSight™ Human Islet Microtissues, 96 well plate (1/well)
Media and Buffers*
CS-07-005-01 Human Islet Maintenance Medium, 500 mL
CS-07-005-02 Human Islet Maintenance Medium, 250 mL
CS-07-050-03 Human Islet Assay Medium, 125 mL
CS-07-051-01 Krebs-Ringer HEPES Buffer, 500 mL
80-INSHU-CH01 ALPCO STELLUX® Chemi Human Insulin ELISA, 1 96 well plate
80-INSHU-CH10 ALPCO STELLUX® Chemi Human Insulin ELISA, 10 96 well plate

* Available only when purchased with 3D InSight™ Microtissues

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