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Custom 3D InSight™ Animal Liver Organoids are available only on request for research partners, who perform translational toxicology studies on a regular basis.

We offer fully tested and highly standardized animal (monkey, dog, and rat) liver toxicology models produced using species-specific primary hepatocytes and non-parenchymal liver cells.

Ideal for studying species-specific effects of liver function and toxicity these custom animal liver toxicology models can be delivered assay-ready to your lab, or used in tailored in vitro toxicology services.

  • De-risk and improve the success rate of your animal studies by pre-testing in a species-specific 3D in vitro model that reflects in vivo biology
  • Perform chronic toxicity testing with long-term treatments in selected animal models with a culture lifetime that exceeds that of conventional 2D cell culture
  • Gain physiological relevance with an in vitro model exhibiting polarization of hepatocytes, formation of bile canaliculi, and functional cytochrome P450 activity
monkey dog rat liver spheroid models for tox testing

Animal-derived Liver Microtissues


3D InSight™ Monkey Liver Microtissues are produced from primary cynomolgus hepatocytes and are available as monoculture or in co-culture with human Kupffer cells. This custom animal model is suitable for short- and long-term translational studies.


InSphero 3D InSight™ Dog Liver Microtissues are produced using primary beagle hepatocytes and are available as a monoculture or in co-culture with beagle Kupffer cells. This is an early release animal model, available to development partners only.


3D InSight™ Rat Liver Microtissues are produced using primary Sprague-Dawley hepatocytes and are available as a monoculture or in co-culture with Sprague-Dawley Kupffer cells. This custom animal model is suitable for short-term studies only.

Certified Animal Applications


In Vitro Toxicology

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Publication: Proctor et al. (Arch Toxicol, 2017)


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