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3D InSight™ Monkey Liver Microtissues are standardized, functional liver models derived from primary cynomolgus hepatocytes. They are delivered assay-ready for studying species-specific effects of liver function and toxicity.

  • De-risk and improve the success rate of your animal studies by pre-testing in a species-specific in vitro model that reflects in vivo biology
  • Perform chronic toxicity testing with long-term treatments in a model with a culture lifetime of 28 days, 4x longer than conventional 2D cell culture (7 days)
  • Gain physiological relevance with an in vitro model exhibiting polarization of hepatocytes, formation of bile canaliculi, and functional cytochrome P450 activity

Characterization Data

Monkey Liver Microtissue Specifications

  • Primary cynomolgus hepatocytes
  • Available as monoculture or co-culture with human Kupffer cells
  • Guaranteed 28 days viability
  • 96-well format, 1 microtissue per well
  • 2-week production lead time

Order Information

Catalog #Description
MT-02-007-013D InSight™ Monkey Liver Microtissues from primary cynomolgus hepatocytes (96x)
MT-02-007-0043D InSight™ Money Liver Microtissues from primary cynomolgus hepatocytes, co-culture with human Kupffer cells (96x)
CS-07-004-01Monkey Liver Maintenance Medium, 500 mL
CS-07-004-02Monkey Liver Maintenance Medium, 250 mL

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