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Gain greater translational insights with pre-qualified assay-ready models

InSphero assay-ready 3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissues are designed to simplify and accelerate oncology drug efficacy testing. Using the 3D Select™ Process, our oncology experts have identified optimal culture conditions for large-scale, reproducible production of 3D spheroid models that better reflect complex tumor biology.

  • Leverage physiologically relevant 3D tumor co-cultures composed of tumor and stromal components — with no artificial matrices
  • Assess single agent or combinatorial efficacy of small molecule, biological, ADC, or immunomodulatory drugs using 3D optimized endpoints
  • Quality controlled pre-validated models that optimize your staff resources and ensure robuts, reproducible results
N87 Tumor Model

N87-GFP tumor model in co-culture with NIH3T3-RFP fibroblasts.  Our 3D tumor assay-ready models are generated by self-assembly of tumor and stromal cells without the use of artifical matrices. (Imaged on a Yokogawa high-content screening system.)

Assay-Ready Tumor Microtissue Specifications

  • Viability model dependent
  • 96-well format, 1 tumor microtissue/well
  • Produced on demand; production schedule dependent on cell line

We can produce monoculture or co-culture assay-ready tumor microtissues using the cell lines and stromal cells listed here.  If you don't see the cell line you need, we can build a custom model for you.

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Tumor Microtissues (co-culture with stromal cells)

Validated Tumor Cell Lines

Tumor Cell Line
  • T47DR
  • MDA-MB-361R
  • DLD-1
  • LS174TG
  • HCT-116G
  • NCI-N87G
  • A549G
  • A498
  • 786-O
  • DU-145
  • LnCap
  • PANC-1G
  • HEYG
  • HEP-G2

R Available with RFP Label
G Available with GFP Label

Stromal Cells

Stromal Cell Species
NhDF Human
SV-80 Human
CAF Human
NIH3T3 Mouse

Assay-ready Models Certified Applications

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