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An in vitro PDX model with in vivo-like heterogeneity

3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissues from Patient-Derived Xenografts  are custom assay-ready 3D in vitro tumor models engineered to reflect complex tumor biology without the use of artificial matrices.

Ideal for early stage cancer drug efficacy testing and screening appliciations, these advanced cancer models help bridge the gap between preclinical animal studies and translation of outcome into clinical applications, and enable oncologists to quickly identify the most promising mouse PDX models for subsequent in vivo testing.

  • Screen and profile drug candidates using cost-effective PDX-derived, 3D in vitro tumor models that recapitulate the heterogeneity of tumor microenvironments
  • Conduct assays for biomarker discovery and disease-oriented drug development using relevant 3D models chosen for genetic alteration or tumor type
  • Preselect agents of interest for further preclinical development with a oncology drug discovery tool designed to reduce research costs and optimize human tumor

3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissue from Melanoma IHC markers: pan-CK and E-Cadherin (epithelial cells), FAP (fibroblasts). PDX cell suspension from MEXF 2106 generated spheroids either with (top, co-culture panel) or without additional fibroblasts (bottom, monoculture panel). Co-cultures show an heterogenous distribution of fibroblasts and melanoma tumor cells within the entire cell structure.

PDX Microtissue Specifications

  • Viability model dependent
  • 96-well format, 1 tumor microtissue/well
  • Produced on demand; production schedule dependent on PDX material

We can produce microtissues using PDX material from the Charles River Laboratories PDX model compendium or other PDX suppliers.

Histological correlation of in vivo and ex vivo tumors. Immunohistochemistry assessment of 3D microtumors confirmed the resemblance with their respective PDX tumor models. Here, in vitro and in vivo models are negative for all epithelial markers and positive for the melanoma-specific marker S100.

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Poster: 3D InSight™ PDX Microtissues


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