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Multiply the predictive power of 3D InSight™ Microtissues using InSphero's Microphysiological System

InSphero engineered the Akura™ Flow microphysiological system to be compatible with our complete portfolio of 3D InSight™ organoids, opening the door to a nearly unlimited variety of pre-clinical efficacy and toxicity testing applications in a multi-tissue, microfluidic assay format.

From early prototypes conceived as part of the EU Body-on-a-Chip Project, our goal has been to provide a pharma-ready microfluidic device for integrating advanced 3D microtissues in multi-tissue and organ-on-a-chip networks in our microphysiological system.

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Organ on a chip microfluidics technology

The Akura™ Flow microphysiological system provides experimental continuity between single- and multi-tissue testing applications, enabling the seamless integration and optimal utilization of standardized 3D models from a single provider.

The complete microphysiological system includes pre-qualified 3D InSight™ Microtissues, media, assays, and tilting-based flow control.

  • Minimize cell, medium, and compound use in a miniaturized 10-microtissue configuration that increases cell-to-media volume ratio up to 10-fold
  • Leverage maximum physiological complexity while minimizing operational complexity with an automation-compatible, tubeless, tilting-based medium perfusion system to interconnect assay-ready advanced 3D models
  • Compare numerous conditions in parallel on one plate allowing for the first-time throughput-compatible testing with a truly scalable microphysiological system not limited in the number of statistical replicates it can accommodate
  • Rely on a diverse array of experimental endpoints ranging from cell-based and biochemical assays to on-chip high-content imaging, with flexible liquid sampling and non-disruptive microtissue retrieval


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