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Academic Access Program

Adding physiological complexity with seamless continuity

Akura Flow System

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Developing higher order systems that reflect real human biology is not easy. It typically requires an interdisciplinary research team of experts in the fields of bio-microfluidics, bioengineering, micro-fabrication technologies, and cell biology.

But you don't have to prepare a massive program grant to get started!

With the Akura™ Next Generation Academic Access Program, you can immediately start to use exciting new technology to investigate complex biological questions in your research.

One Microphysiological Platform, Endless Research Possibilities

  • Add a new level of physiological complexity to spheroid/organoid assay
  • Address questions that can't be answered in static / non-multi-tissue settings
  • Ask biologically relevant questions and skip spending time and money on the platform development and bio-engineering issues
  • Start tomorrow with multi-tissue systems using a powerful, yet easy to use plug-and-play microfluidic technology platform
  • Take advantages of InSphero’s expertise and consulting in developing 3D models development, platform engineering and read out integration

Show us what you can do!

Application Guidelines

To apply for the academic access program, submit a one-page abstract that provides:

  • A concise summary of your research project, goals, and objectives
  • Background and qualifications of your research team
  • Details on how you anticipate applying the Akura™ Platforms and proposed experimental setup

Academic Access Program Deliverables 

An accepted project proposal will receive:

  • FREE Akura™ Next-Generation Starter Kit
  • FREE All-in-one Akura™ Flow tilting device for gravity-based perfusion control for the time of the project (6-12 months)
  • Comprehensive in-house training for your research team, including consultation on experimental design if desired
  • Access to highly discounted InSphero assay-ready microtissues
  • Travel grants to present your work at scientific meetings (€500 for poster presentation; €1000 for oral presentation)
  • An academic license to use the technology with potential to work with InSphero to commercialize applications of value to industry

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