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Akura Flow System

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You don't have to prepare a massive program grant to get started. With the Akura™ Flow Academic Access Program, you can fast-forward past myriad engineering challenges and proof-of-concept tests and immediately start to use this exciting new technology to investigate complex biological questions in your research.

The technology behind organ-on-a-chip and multi-organ network systems is poised to transform the way scientists discover new drugs and investigate healthy and diseased biology.

Developing higher-order systems that reflect human biology is not easy, however. It typically requires an interdisciplinary research team of experts in the fields of bio-microfluidics, bio-engineering, micro-fabrication technologies, and cell biology.

One Microphysiological Platform, Endless Research Possibilities

  • Expand your research team and raise awareness of your studies by using proven technology and consulting with InSphero bioengineers as you define your organ-on-chip project and experiments
  • Quickly develop single or multi-tissue systems using a powerful, yet easy-to-use plug-and-play microfluidic technology platform
  • Optimize your research time and resources on investigating biological questions, as opposed to bio-engineering issues,  and complete experiments faster
  • Eliminate months of model development and testing from your project timeline by using of InSphero models (available for liver, islet, and several types of tumor tissues) with well-characterized production complexity, maturation time, and culture longevity, all critical details for planning organ-in-chip and multi-tissue system experiments
  • Potentially publish your research in higher impact journals using unique, scalable organ-on-chip technology that intrigues editors and peer-reviewers
  • Commercialize your innovations with the help of InSphero's Technology and Platforms team, who know how to work with academic research teams to successfully transfer promising novel technology from academic think tanks to market

Show us what you can do!

Application Guidelines
To apply for the academic access program, submit a one-page abstract that provides:

  • A concise summary of your research project, goals, and objectives
  • Background and qualifications of your research team
  • Details on how you anticipate applying the Akura™ Flow system and proposed experimental setup

Preference will be given to projects that aim to:

  • Investigate tissue-tissue interactions in multi-organ networks
  • Employ deep endpoints
  • Leverage scalability through automation
  • Evaluate the effects of flow on tissue function and/or modulation

Program Cost
€5000, for the complete package (not including models or media), less than €40 per condition. Grant support may be available depending on the project idea, scope, and scale.

Academic Access Program Deliverables 
If your project proposal is accepted, and you agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive in-house training for your research team, including consultation on the experimental design if desired
  • 4 complete Akura™ Flow plates
  • 48 additional microfluidic chips – sufficient for up to 128 multi-tissue experimental conditions
  • The all-in-one Akura™ Flow tilting device for gravity-based perfusion control
  • Travel grants to present your work at scientific meetings (€300 for poster presentation; €600 for oral presentation)
  • An academic license to use the technology with the potential to work with InSphero to commercialize applications of value to the industry

InSphero will select only the most promising projects to participate in this Academic Access Program. We are limiting the number of academic programs so we can offer personalized support and close mentorship for each project team.

Brochure: Akura Flow Microphysiological System

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Akura Flow microphysiological system

Brochure: Akura Flow Microphysiological System


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