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Cohesive assay formats to streamline integration of 3D InSight™ microtissues

3D InSight™ Microtissues reach your lab assay-ready in Akura™ 96- or Akura™ 384 microtissue delivery plates, which are engineered to ensure safe transport, efficient handling, and reliable assessment of our 3D model systems. Unlike conventional assay plates, our patented Akura™ Technology microtissue delivery formats include non-adherent coating and unique features to simplify microtissue handling, and enable seamless integration of our advanced 3D models into your cell-based assay workflow. As you look to increase complexity, Akura™ Flow, our 3D multi-organ-on-a-chip system, enables culturing and interconnection of multiple 3D InSight™ microtissues under physiological flow conditions for microphysiological system-based pre-clinical testing applications.

Akura™ 96 Microtissue Delivery Plate

Automation friendly | Secure handling | Simple observation

Our patented SBS format Akura™ 96 microtissue delivery format is compatible with conventional cell-based assays, advanced imaging, and automated liquid handling systems.

  • Prevent unintended microtissue aspiration and ensure accurate compound dosing with the unique SureXchange™ ledge design that shields the microtissue and retains consistent minimal remnant media volumes during medium exchange
  • Preserve microtissue morphology and functionality in long-term culture with a highly stable non-adherent surface coating.
  • Enhance microtissue imaging speed and resolution through a flat bottom well with a defined 1-mm quick-reference region of interest (ROI) and constant microtissue z-position

Akura™ 384 Microtissue Delivery Plate

High throughput | Secure handling | Superior imaging

Our Akura™ 384 delivery format is compatible with state-of-the-art imaging and automated liquid handling systems for HTS applications.

Akura 384 plate for HCI and HTS
  • Prevent unintended microtissue aspiration during medium exchange with a distinct microtissue culture chamber and our unique SureXchange™ ledge design
  • Enhance high content imaging quality with a continuous, flat-bottom 25 μm semipermeable membrane, and eliminate fluorescent crosstalk between wells with a black-walled body.
  • Simplify microtissue localization, observation, and ROI identification with standard 1 mm diameter observation chambers

Akura™ Flow Microphysiological System

Perfusion culture | Interconnected microtissues | Parallelized

Increase physiological complexity while maintaining experimental simplicity.  The Akura™ Flow microphysiological system for organ-on-a-chip applications makes microfluidic technology accessible to bench scientists who understand the biology they need to interrogate.  It enables culturing of InSphero 3D InSight™ Microtissues under physiological flow conditions, with the flexibility to interconnect and culture different microtissues types and enable many different configurations, depending on your study objectives.

Organ on a chip microfluidics technology
  • Improve tissue-specific in vitro functionality in optimized microtissue flow chambers and interconnecting microchannels for controlled dynamic flow, providing efficient nutrient and oxygen supply while enabling paracrine/endocrine intertissue communication
  • Simplify reliable and parallelized microtissue loading and retrieval with our unique SureXchange™ funnel design, and straightforward media sampling and exchange in an SBS standard plate format
  • Eliminate compound absorption using a PDMS-free, full-polystyrene platform and our proven, long-term stable ULA coating

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