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Cohesive assay formats to streamline integration of 3D InSight™ microtissues

3D InSight™ Microtissues are delivered to laboratories worldwide in assay-ready in Akura™ 96 and 384 microtissue delivery plates, which are engineered to ensure safe transport, efficient handling, and reliable assessment of our 3D model systems.

Unlike conventional assay plates, our patented Akura™ Technology microtissue delivery formats include non-adherent coating and unique features to simplify microtissue handling and enable seamless integration of our advanced 3D in vitro models into your cell-based assay workflow.

As you look to increase complexity, Akura™ Flow, our 3D organ-on-a-chip system, enables culturing and interconnection of multiple 3D InSight™ microtissue formats under physiological flow conditions for microphysiological system-based pre-clinical testing applications.

Akura™ 96 Microtissue Delivery Plate

Automation friendly | Secure handling | Simple observation

Our patented SBS format Akura™ 96 microtissue delivery format is compatible with conventional cell-based assays, advanced imaging, and automated liquid handling systems.

  • Prevent unintended microtissue aspiration and ensure accurate compound dosing with the unique SureXchange™ ledge design that shields the microtissue and retains consistent minimal remnant media volumes during medium exchange
  • Preserve microtissue morphology and functionality in long-term culture with a highly stable non-adherent surface coating.
  • Enhance microtissue imaging speed and resolution through a flat bottom well with a defined 1-mm quick-reference region of interest (ROI) and constant microtissue z-position

Akura™ 384 Microtissue Delivery Plate

High throughput | Secure handling | Superior imaging

Our Akura™ 384 delivery format is compatible with state-of-the-art imaging and automated liquid handling systems for HTS applications.

Akura 384 plate for HCI and HTS
  • Prevent unintended microtissue aspiration during medium exchange with a distinct microtissue culture chamber and our unique SureXchange™ ledge design
  • Enhance high-content imaging quality with a continuous, flat-bottom 25 μm semipermeable membrane, and eliminate fluorescent crosstalk between wells with a black-walled body.
  • Simplify microtissue localization, observation, and ROI identification with standard 1 mm diameter observation chambers

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Register for our on-demand webinar featuring InSphero Senior Application Scientist and SBI2 President-Elect Judi Wardwell-Swanson and Yokogawa Life Sciences Senior Executive  Gerd Heimlich, who will discuss their guidelines and recommendations for implementing high-resolution, high-content image analysis with multicellular 3D spheroid models in Akura™ plates.

Images showing the difference between the amount of PBMCs

Watch this video to learn how we applied the Yokogawa CQ1 benchtop HCA instrument and Cell Pathfinder software to analyze the results of experiments designed to assess the Lapatinib dose response in a 3D InSight™ N87 Tumor Model – a co-culture of N87-GFP (gastric carcinoma) cells in co-culture with NIH3T-RFP fibroblasts.

Akura™ Flow Microphysiological System

Perfusion culture | Interconnected microtissues | Parallelized

Increase physiological complexity while maintaining experimental simplicity. The Akura™ Flow microphysiological system for organ-on-a-chip applications makes microfluidic technology accessible to bench scientists who understand the biology they need to interrogate.

It enables culturing of InSphero 3D InSight™ Microtissues under physiological flow conditions, with the flexibility to interconnect and culture different microtissues types and enable many different configurations, depending on your study objectives.

Learn about our Academic Access Program.

Organ on a chip microfluidics technology
  • Improve tissue-specific in vitro functionality in optimized microtissue flow chambers and interconnecting microchannels for controlled dynamic flow, providing efficient nutrient and oxygen supply while enabling paracrine/endocrine inter-tissue communication
  • Simplify reliable and parallelized microtissue loading and retrieval with our unique SureXchange™ funnel design, and straightforward media sampling and exchange in an SBS standard plate format
  • Eliminate compound absorption using a PDMS-free, full-polystyrene platform and our proven, long-term stable ULA coating

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