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Human Liver Models

Use of 3D InSight Liver Microtissues for drug safety assessment from early heptoxicity screening to mechanistic investigations

Characterization and application of 3D Human Liver Microtissues for predictive DILI testing

A Novel 3D Liver Microtissue model for studying steatosis in vitro

Assessment of mitochondrial activity in 3D human liver microtissues as a tool for mechanistic investigations of adverse drug effects

Global proteomic profiling of acetaminophen exposed 3D Human Liver Microtissues identifies novel NAPQI adduct sites

Cross-species Liver Models

Evaluation of species-specific drug-induced liver Injury in 3D rat, dog, monkey, and human liver microtissues

Establishment and characterization of 3d monkey liver microtissues for species-specific toxicity testing

Development of a 3D dog liver Microtissue model

An organotypic rat microtissue platform for high throughput drug testing

A robust in vitro islet model: long-lived standardized, and glucose-response human islet microtissues

Accelerate drug discovery and development with the InSphero oncology platform

In vitro assessment of tumor relapse in a 3D tumor microtissue model

Microfluidic multi-tissue culturing platform for 3D InSight Microtissues