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Combine the predictive power of our physiologically-relevant 3D microtissues with the applications expertise of our scientific staff. We offer contract services based on certified applications utilizing our advanced 3D models and 3D-optimized assay protocols. Our liver microtissues not only contain primary hepatocytes, but also the Kupffer cells and liver endothelial cells needed to recapitulate the inflammatory response often related to drug toxicity.

14 Day Hepatotoxicity

Predict DILI with high sensitivity and specificity using Human Liver Microtissues.

Custom Mechanistic & Investigative Studies

Investigate mechanisms of toxicity with endpoints and dosing tailored to your needs

Mitochondrial Toxicity

Identify mitochondrial liabilities in Human Liver Microtissues using the Agilent XFe96 Analyzer.

Pancreatic Endocrine Toxicity

Test impact of drugs on islet viability and function using standardized Islet Microtissues.

Embryotoxicity (DART)

Leverage an animal-free embryonic stem cell test (EST) for DART testing.

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