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14 Day Hepatotoxicity: Predict potential drug-induced liver injury (DILI) in vitro with advanced 3D liver organoids

3D InSight™ 14 Day Hepatotoxicity Testing assesses the effect of compounds on cellular viability in our standardized 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues, developed from primary human hepatocytes in co-culture with Kupffer cells and liver endothelial cells (LECs). Cell viability dose-response curves are determined following a 14-day, repeat dose exposure to compounds.

14 Day Hepatotoxicity

  • Predict DILI with twice the sensitivity of standard 2D PHH assays without sacrificing specificity (1)
  • Test in our mechanistically relevant, extensively validated 3D liver model, developed using pooled multi-donor primary human hepatocytes (PHH) in co-culture with Kupffer cells and liver endothelial cells (1)
  • Customize your study with additional functional and mechanistic endpoints as needed


  1. Proctor et al. (2017) Arch Toxicol. 2017 Aug;91(8):2849-2863. doi: 10.1007/s00204-017-2002-1

Characterization Data

Slide High reproducibility between independent experiments and Human Liver Microtissue co-cultures of A: different NPC lots and B: hepatocyte lots (1). Slide Dramatically improve risk assessment of structurally related hepatotoxic (DILI category 1-3) and non-hepatotoxic (DILI category 4-5) compounds using A: 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissue after 14-day treatments. B: Comparative results using traditional 2D PHH assay (1). Margin of Safety (MOS) = IC50/Cmax ; Detected = ●, Not detected (ND) = ○

Sample 14 Day Hepatotoxicity Testing Data Using Reference Compounds

High sensitivity of 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues in identifying hepatotoxic compounds (DILI category 1-3) after 14-day treatment. Green: compounds predicted as True Positive (TP); light gray: compounds predicted as False Negative (FN). Prediction based on arbitrary MOS.

Service at a Glance

  • 7-point dose response curve
  • 14 day, repeat-dosing protocol
  • Cell viability endpoint
  • 3-4 week turnaround time
Catalog # Description
SP-02-122-01 3D InSight™ 14 Day Hepatotoxicity Testing

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