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Efficient, animal-free in vitro embryotoxicity screening for DART

The embryonic stem cell test (EST) is a powerful method for developmental and reproductive toxicity (DART) testing, used to assess the effects of any new compound on cell differentiation and viability. Introduced in 1997, the EST quickly became recognized as the best available method for embryotoxicity testing that avoids the use of animals. However, the classical EST protocol (ICCVAM/ECVAM INVITTOX No. 113) is laborious and complex, which has significantly hampered its adoption in industry. We incorporate InSphero microtissue production technologies into the ECVAM protocol to improve EST efficiency and reproducibility, eliminating the practical issues with the classical EST protocol.

  • Use a secure protocol that parallels ECVAM Invittox 113
  • Assess embryotoxicity more cost-effectively using an efficient embryoid body (EB)-based EST
  • Consume less of your valuable compounds in an in vitro assay format that doesn't require the use of laboratory animals

Service Description

Slide The EST consists of 3 cell line-based in vitro assays determining a compound’s ability to inhibit differentiation (ID50) of ESD3 EBs into beating cardiomyocytes, and its cytotoxicity (IC50) in 3T3 and ESD3 cells. Slide Increasing efficiency in production and handling of EBs reduces total assay time by 30%. Slide Download the brochure to learn more about the ECVAM classification system and view validation data.

Service at a Glance

Download our brochure for more details on the standard EST protocol. The service includes:

  • A web-based presentation and discussion
  • Embryotoxic classification with linear discriminants according to ECVAM INVITTOX protocol No. 113
  • A summary report including IC50 data for 3T3 and ESD3 cells (n=6) and ID50 data for ESD3 cells (n=24)
Catalog # Description
SP-03-001-00 SP-03-001-00 3D InSight™ Embryonic Stem Cell Test (EST) Pack – 4 compounds
SP-03-002-00 SP-03-002-00 3D InSight™ Embryonic Stem Cell Test (EST) Pack – 8 compounds
SP-03-003-00 SP-03-003-00 3D InSight™ Embryonic Stem Cell Test (EST) Pack – 16 compounds

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Brochure: Embryonic Stem Cell Test (EST)


Webinar: The Embryonic Stem Cell Test (EST) – An Efficient in vitro Assay in Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity Testing

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