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Reveal potential combinatorial effects of drug pairs in more relevant 3D tumor models

Test your drug of interest in combination with other therapeutics to identify pairs with synergistic, additive, or antagonistic effects. We determine potency (EC50), efficacy (maximum response) and growth kinetics of 2 compounds alone and in combination, using size and ATP (viability) endpoints over a 10 day dosing period.

  • Assess two test compounds, alone and in combination, in 3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissues
  • Utilize kinetic size profiling and viability endpoints for range finding and combinatorial analysis
  • Receive potency (EC50) and efficacy (maximum response) values

Characterization Data

Service at a Glance

Download our brochure for details on the standard service protocol.

Service Report includes

  • ATP-based dose-response curve
  • Size-based dose-response curve and growth kinetics over time
  • Potency (EC50), efficacy (max response) and combinatorial analysis
Catalog #Description
SP-01-042-023D InSight™ Combinatorial Drug Testing Service (2 compounds, 1 control, 1 model)

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