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Streamline oncology discovery with custom-designed 3D tumor models

Select from assay-ready tumor and tumor/stromal models derived from commonly used cancer cell lines, or work with us to develop a custom tumor model to specifically for your project. Choose or provide a tumor cell line or PDX sample, and we’ll optimize conditions for microtissue formation to develop monoculture or co-culture (with fibroblasts) models. We can also work with patient-derived primary tumor material. Once established, your new model can be used in 3D InSight™ Oncology Efficacy Testing or delivered assay-ready for use in your lab.

Service Description and Sample Characterization Data

Slide Custom tumor microtissue monocultures and co-cultures can be developed using a broad range of cell lines and PDX materials. Slide Histological characterization of PDX- derived microtissues

Service at a Glance

For custom model development, our oncology experts will assess:

  • Feasibility and optimization of spheroid formation
  • Size-based growth kinetic over 10 days in culture
  • ATP after tissue formation and 10 days in culture
  • Histology after tissue formation and 10 days in culture (H&E plus 3 markers)*
  • Full written report and consultation

*Histological characterization varies depending on cell sources

Catalog # Description
SP-01-040-01 3D InSight™ Custom Tumor Microtissue Development (1 model)

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