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Outsource preclinical evaluation of your immunotherapeutics

For immuno-oncology (I-O) projects, our 3D oncology experts will develop a custom tumor model for you using the tumor cell line or PDX sample best suited to your investigation. We'll then work closely with you to tailor and implement an I-O study plan, using the most appropriate immune components and assays. At the end of the project, you’ll receive a comprehensive experimental report and analysis of results.

  • Utilize physiologically relevant 3D tumor models derived from cell lines or PDX material, co-cultured with immune cells
  • Evaluate infiltration of engineered immune cells or the effect of your drug on immune cell infiltration in spheroid models that reflect complex tumor microenvironments
  • Assess tumor cell killing and investigate immunotherapeutic efficacy of single drugs or combinatorial treatments with small molecules, biologicals, and ADCs

Service at a Glance

Download our Immuno-Oncology Services brochure for more details.

I-O services include

  • Immune cell Infiltration
  • Immune-mediated tumor cell killing
  • Immuno-modulatory antibody efficacy
  • CAR-T cell efficacy testing
Catalog # Description
SP-01-040-01 3D InSight™ Custom Tumor Microtissue Development
(1 model)
SP-01-045-02 3D InSight™ Immuno-Oncology Service
(1 service)

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