MASH CALL Initiative for Fast and Reliable Identification and Comparison of Clinical Candidates

Select and compare the best anti-steatotic and anti-fibrotic drug candidates and follow-up with a comprehensive phenotypic analysis

MASH (Metabolic Dysfunction-associated Steatohepatitis, renamed from NASH) is a complex, multi-faceted disease, and the InSphero models are designed to reflect this complexity. Our models empower you to simultaneously assess multiple disease parameters, including steatosis, inflammation, and fibrosis. Consequently, you and your team gain a more comprehensive understanding of your asset's impact and efficacy.

Join our MASH CALL Initiative and leverage our pioneering approach for drug discovery with valuable insights about the:

  • Anti-steatotic and anti-fibrotic effects of your compounds
  • Comparison with clinical candidates and reference controls
The MASH CALL Initiative - graph showing anti-steatotic and anti-fibrotic effects measured with the InSphero 3D InSight™ MASH model

Why MASH Screening with InSphero?

We inspire researchers, worldwide, to reach their full potential so that life changing therapies can ultimately make it into the hands of patients.

An icon demonstrating InSphero's 3D in vitro human liver model which enables fast and efficient safety assessment projects

Fast and translational MASH phenotypic candidate selection process

Screening of MASH candidates for anti-steatotic, anti-fibrotic efficacy and safety assessment simultaneously

An icon demonstrating the market-leading 3D in vitro liver toxicology solutions by InSphero

Most cost-effective human pre-clinical model

Improvements of scalability and automation have lead to a significant optimization of cost

Reliable and fast hazard identification in 3D in vitro liver safety assessment

Benchmarking with clinical candidates

Direct comparison with existing clinical candidates in the MASH space

Leading to a comprehensive phenotypic analysis follow-up

MASH Screening is only the beginning of the journey to identify successful candidates with extended readouts

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MASH Call Process

Compound Submission

Submit your candidates from small molecules, antibodies, peptides to siRNA/ASOs.

Treatment in 3D InSight™ MASH model for efficacy analysis

7 concentration dose range treatment of submitted compounds with positive controls and clinical candidates for phenotypic analysis

Endpoint analysis

Extracellular LDH, intracellular triglycerides and secreted pro-collagen 1 as surrogate markers of toxicology, steatosis and fibrosis respectively

Data analysis

Selection of candidates and comparison to anti-fibrotic and anti-steatotic scores with pre-clinical and clinical candidates

Why our customers joined the MASH CALL Initiative

“For our lead target at Inipharm, a human-centric system is extremely important for proof of concept. InSphero’s primary human liver spheroids under culture conditions that resulted in fibrotic and inflammatory processes was able to reproduce known human genetic phenotypes relating to our target of interest. Additionally, the MASH CALL testing platform was an efficient way for us to assess multiple leads for potential efficacy.”

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