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Industry-ready 3D In Vitro Liver Toxicology Solutions

InSphero’s 3D InSight™ Liver Safety solutions deliver precise and predictive 3D in vitro liver models for liver toxicity assessment since 2013. Our 3D in vitro liver toxicology technology accurately models the intricate architecture and functions of the human liver with a physiologically relevant microenvironment to enable better assessments of drug metabolism and toxicological responses. By incorporating our 3D InSight™ Liver Safety solutions into your workflow, you will gain valuable insights into:

Why 3D In Vitro Liver Safety with InSphero?

InSphero’s 3D In Vitro Liver Safety Platform has been developed with the needs of the safety toxicologists in mind: 3D in vitro human liver models with high biological and physiological relevance, short turn-around times, capable of handling larger compound sets when needed, and high reproducibility decision-enabling datasets.

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Market-leading 3D in vitro biology you can rely on

The only 3D in vitro human liver model containing all liver cells, both parenchymal and non-parenchymal.
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Trusted by pharmaceutical companies worldwide

Your team will value safety data backed by thousands of compound tests.
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Comprehensive 3D In Vitro Liver Toxicology platform for efficient and fast projects

From human DILI to mechanistic investigations, from cross-species testing to understanding clinical events.

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Our Approach to 3D In Vitro Liver Toxicology

Reliable and fast hazard identification in 3D in vitro liver safety assessment

Reliable and fast hazard identification

With 3D InSight™ human liver models, potential drug-induced hepatotoxicity is identified based on 7/14-day treatment and viability readout.
Mechanism of action assessment for preclinical DILI

Mechanism of action assessment

Discover mitigation routes by understanding the mechanism of action of in vitro liver hepatotoxicity through transcriptomics and causality assays.

Cross-species 3D in vitro liver safety analysis

Cross-species events

Preemptively identify safety hazards in different species to accelerate your pre-clinical process.
Address idiosyncratic clinical events

Address idiosyncratic clinical events

Our Metaheps™ technology allows us to build liver-like in vitro models from a patient’s blood sample.


3D InSight™ Predictive Toxicology Service | 3D In Vitro DILI Testing
3D InSight™ Investigative Liver Safety Services | 3D In Vitro Liver Safety Services


3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues
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