MetaHeps®, our in vitro solution to enhance safety in clinical safety

Quickly enhance your clinical trials through MetaHeps, our platform to assessing patient-specific adverse liver reactions based on blood samples

The MetaHeps® technology platform supports clinical trials by providing an improved assessment of adverse reactions of the liver based on isolated and re-differentiated blood cells. This unique technology helps identify hepatotoxicity or DILI risks early and with precision, significantly reducing the risk of unsuccessful trials. Moreover, it streamlines the drug approval process by providing essential data to regulatory authorities, expediting the time required to bring a drug to market. With its straightforward implementation directly into the clinical trial protocol, MetaHeps provides trial sponsors with an exceptional safeguard against unforeseen safety concerns.



Why Clinical Safety with InSphero?

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Improved Investigative Analysis

By isolating immune cells from patients experiencing DILI, the MetaHeps platform can investigate patient-specific drug reactions in vitro or deconvolute the causative substance in the case of polymedication, allowing an accurate, safe and efficient analysis.

Reduce risk and attrition

MetaHeps helps identify potential hepatotoxicity risks early on, saving significant time and resources that would otherwise be wasted on unsuccessful trials.

Rapid turnaround time

The production of patient-specific MetaHeps cells only requires 12 days, followed by a 7-day in vitro DILI assay. You receive conclusive data quickly for your important trial decisions.

Post-Market Surveillance

MetaHeps can also be applied in post-market surveillance to investigate unforeseen liver injury in patients, thus promoting drug safety after-market release.

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Our Process

Take blood samples and ship them to InSphero

40-ml samples from responders and non-responders are sufficient.

PBMCs transdifferentiation into MetaHeps

A 12-day isolation and differentiation protocol allows a fast turnaround.

Reliable in vitro DILI or causality assays

Our expert team runs a battery of assays to assess the drug reaction.

Our expert team runs a battery of assays to assess the drug reaction

We deliver a comprehensive report that enables you to make well-informed decisions about your clinical trial.

3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissue
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