3D InSight™ Therapeutic Modality Screening

Our single agent and combination 3D InSight™ Oncology platform for efficacy testing applications offers unparalleled efficiency to accelerate your oncology research

Our 3D InSight™ Oncology platform mimics the physiology and the heterogeneity of the tumor microenvironment and patient-specific characteristics, offering a reliable, accurate in vitro model to test your pipeline of innovative cancer therapeutics. Our 3D InSight™ Oncology platform allows you to get robust, reproducible, and physiologically relevant results for any therapeutic candidate in your discovery program with days to weeks turnaround times.

Why Therapeutic Modality Screening with InSphero?

We inspire researchers, worldwide, to reach their full potential so that life changing therapies can ultimately make it into the hands of patients.
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The leading 3D tumor technology to answer your questions

Build the right genomically characterized tumor model to answer a specific biological question

Reliable and fast hazard identification in 3D in vitro liver safety assessment

Validate your targets in highly biologically relevant 3D tumor models

Our platform gives you the ability to understand target engagement and efficacy in the context of a physiologically relevant tumor microenvironment

An icon showcasing the 3D in vitro liver safety platform trusted by pharmaceutical companies worldwide. 3D in vitro DILI testing used by the top ten pharmaceutical companies.

Data you can trust for our crucial decisions

Make decisions about your oncology portfolio with data you can trust

Visualize the effect of different inter-cellular interactions in action

Change the composition of the tumor microtissue to understand the contribution of each cell type to therapeutic resistance

Your Success is Our Mission

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Our Process

Context of use

Identify the biological question that needs to be asked and build a relevant oncology model to address it

An icon demonstrating InSphero's 3D in vitro human liver model which enables fast and efficient safety assessment projects

Fast, quick convenient turnaround times

Unlike in vivo pharmacology studies that can take months, our turnaround times range from days to five weeks

Multiplex endpoints for informative solutions

Make the most of your 3D in vitro model based assay with multiplexed readouts that inform on different aspects of your therapeutic modalities

Impress with a comprehensive report

Our report gives you everything you need to present the results to your organization.

3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissue
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