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InSphero 3D Summer School Webinars 2015

Untitled 3    3D101 - 3D Cell Culture Technologies for Improved Biological Relevance plus InSphero Scaffold-free 3D Cell Culture Platforms for Scaffold-free
                  3D Cell Culture by by Dr. Jens Kelm and Dr. Yue Geng of InSphero

Untitled 3    3D102 -  Making the Most of your Microtissues: 3D-optimized Cell Based Assays and Endpoints for Analysis of 3D Spheroids plus Validating
                   Cell-based Assays for use with 3D Culture Models by Dr. Simon Messner of InSphero and Dr. Terry Riss of Promega

Untitled 3    3D103 -  Understanding Cellular Metabolism of Spheroids Using Extracellular Flux Technology 
                   by Dr. Sierra Kent, Seahorse Bioscience

Untitled 3    3D201 -  3D Tumor Models for Drug Discovery and 3D cell culture as a tool for biomarker development in oncology
                   by Zoé Weydert of InSphero and by Dr. Arno Amann of Medical University of Innsbruck

Untitled 3    3D202 -  Morphological Profiling of 3D Multicellular Tumor Spheroids (MCTS) with the Cell3iMager
                   by Dr. Leena Mol Thuruthippallil of InSphero and Dr. Geoffrey Bartholomeusz of MD Anderson Cancer Center

Untitled 3    3D305 -  3D InSightTM Human Pancreatic Microislets and the Power of Combination with HTRF® Technology 
                   by Dr. Wolfgang Moritz of InSphero and Julie Vallaghe of Cisbio Bioassays

Untitled 3    3D301 -  Liver Microtissue Models for Toxicity Testing and Drug Safety Assessment
                   by Dr. Simon Messner of InSphero and Alison Foster of AstraZeneca

Untitled 3    3D302 -  Assessment of Cholestasis and Imaging Bile Canaliculi in 3D InSightTM Human Liver Microtissues Using the Opera PhenixTM High
                   Content Screening System by Dr. Katrin Rössger of InSphero and Alexander Schreiner of PerkinElmer

    Untitled 33D303 -  Introduction to Cardiac Microtissues and Assaying Electrical Activity, Intracellular Calcium and Contractility in Cardiac Microtissues
                  Using the CellOPTIQ Platform from Clyde Biosciences
                           by Dr. Irina Agarkova of InSphero and Dr. Godfrey Smith of Clyde Bioscience

Untitled 3    3D304 -  Towards Human and Rat Neuronal Microtissues for Toxicity Testing
                   by Dr. David Fluri of InSphero

Untitled 3    3D401 -  The Body on a Chip - Modeling Complex Multi-organ Systems Using Microtissues and Microfluidics
                   by Olivier Frey of ETH Zurich

Untitled 3    3D501 -  The Embryonic Stem Cell Test - An Efficient in vitro Assay in Developmental- and Reproductive Toxicity Testing
                   by Dr Simon Ströbel of InSphero and Dr. Claudia McGinnis of Roche

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