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Enabling confident decision making in drug safety and efficacy testing leveraging InSphero's breakthrough Science

Our mission is to create a healthier society by enabling life science companies to invent novel compounds in a safer, more efficient, faster, and animal-free way.

As the pioneer in engineering and industry-scale production of assay-ready 3D microtissues, InSphero provides solutions that help the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical, and chemical industries, as well as academic institutions, accelerate safety and efficacy research testing and bring better drugs to patients worldwide.

3D InSight™: The InSphero Difference

The InSphero 3D InSight™ microtissues technology advances science and helps you identify the benefits of greater physiological relevance immediately.

Our standardized, scaffold-free liver, islet, and tumor models are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality specifications using our 3D Select™ Process in state-of-the-art facilities by our staff of 3D experts in toxicology, metabolic disease, and oncology.

Delivered in our patented user-friendly formats for simple integration into your drug discovery workflow, you can focus your resources on generating more relevant data in next-generation 3D models.

Our Science: In vivo relevance meets in vitro efficiency

Scientific Relevance

  • Obtain unrivaled In vivo-like morphology and functionality with models engineered with our proprietary 3D Select™ Process
  • Capture long-term drug effects with superior longevity
  • Gain maximum mechanistic and biological integrity in vitro with primary human and animal co-culture models
  • Ensure reproducible data with a reliable,
    scalable microtissue production supplier

Scientific Quality

  • Maintain lot-to-lot consistency with pre-qualified donor material
  • Reduce likelihood of failure with functionality validated models certified for 3D applications
  • Outsource with confidence to a partner with state-of-the art Swiss and US bioproduction facilities to supply global operations
  • Receive guidance and world class support from 3D experts.

Scientific Efficiency

  • Retain experimental flexibility with regular production schedules for on-demand microtissue availability
  • Receive complete assay solutions with express delivery of assay-ready microtissues, optimized media, and certified protocols
  • Seamlessly integrate microtissue platforms into HTS, MTS, and MPS applications with patented SBS standard, automation compatible formats

Find out how InSphero technology and advanced 3D models can

accelerate safety and efficacy testing processes in your drug development science chain.