3D InSight™ Liver Disease Platform

Imagine the intricate nature of liver-disease biology condensed into hundreds of 3D microtissues, providing you with data and insights that exponentially accelerate your research. This is InSphero's NASH (MASH) and NAFLD (MASLD) platform.

Benefit from our market-leading in vitro models for liver disease drug discovery, empowering you to achieve more with a controlled, scalable, biologically relevant, and cost-effective screening platform for new drugs. These 3D liver models facilitate studies of disease mechanisms, enable early assessment of drug safety and efficacy, and accurately simulate human liver pathology. Enhance your ability to predict human responses, reduce the chances of late-stage clinical failures, expedite the drug discovery process, and preserve valuable resources for your team with the 3D InSight™ Liver Disease Platform.

Why Liver Disease with InSphero?

We inspire researchers, worldwide, to reach their full potential so that life changing therapies can ultimately make it into the hands of patients.

Based on the 3D liver gold standard

InSphero has pioneered the gold standard for liver toxicology with its 3D InSight™ Liver Model. Based on it, our disease models are leveraging the uniformity, robustness, and ease of use that accelerates your research.

Unique pairs of diseased and healthy 3D twins

We create twins of diseased and healthy 3D microtissues of the same genetic origin, providing you with high-quality Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data that was previously unattainable.

Screening up to 384 well scalability

Whether starting from scratch or repurposing, our liver-discovery platform is the only one on the market that takes your research to automated screening.

Your Success is Our Mission

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Our Approach

In-depth requirement analysis

Our expert team has supported 100s of research groups in 3D cell culture. We take the time to understand your goals and requirements to deliver timely value.

Project proposal

Whether you use our platform in-house or partner with us to utilize our 3D screening services, you will receive a comprehensive proposal to outline the research project.

Execution to success

Time and quality matter - and we guarantee both when partnering with you. You can rely on our expertise, excellent processes, and dedication to your success.

Impress with a comprehensive report

Our report gives you everything you need to present the results to your organization.


MASH CALL for Fast and Reliable Identification and Comparison of Drug Candidates
3D InSight™ NAFLD (MASLD) Model for Screening and Discovery
3D InSight™ NASH (MASH) Model for Screening and Target Validation


3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues
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