InSphero 3D In Vitro Technology

Scalable 3D in vitro technology empowering researchers to fuel a new era of breakthrough therapies.


Our 3D in vitro technology experts focus on automation-compatible applications that not only scale technically, but also commercially: for solutions that are industry-ready.


Our proprietary human 3D in vitro models strike the optimal balance between biological relevance and complexity, and enable well-informed decisions in the preclinical drug development stage.


We set gold standards in 3D in vitro technology and models through high uniformity of size, shape, cell composition - well to well, batch to batch. For consistency and commitment to delivering the same high-quality results: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Unlocking the Full Potential of 3D In Vitro for Fast and Reliable Decisions

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3D Cell Culture Tools

3D In Vitro Technology

TrueCardium® Cardiac Organoid Platform

The TrueCardium® Cardiac Platform is a 3D in vitro technology comprised of healthy organoids for disease modeling for a wide spectrum of cardiac diseases and safety pharmacology. In partnership with Genome Biologics we set new benchmarks in cardiac research, offering unprecedented insights into cardiac biology, disease modeling, and drug efficacy testing.

Akura™ Spheroid Microplates

Akura™ Spheroid microplates are specifically designed as an industry-ready solution for 3D in vitro spheroid and organoid models. Available in both 96- and 384-well formats, the plates' unique architecture allows cells to aggregate into spheroids, which can then be used for a variety of applications, including biochemical assays and drug screening.

An image of Akura™ 384-well plate format, which is automation-compatible for generating uniform and robust spheroids.
An image of an advanced Organ-on-chip Akura™ Twin Plate demonstrating the interaction between a liver and a tumor 3D in vitro model

Akura™ Organ-on-Chip Platforms

Our 3D in vitro technology experts have developed the Akura™ Advanced Organ-on-Chip Platforms to add physiological flow, organ-organ interaction, and immune competence to 3D in vitro experiments. All next-generation OoC platforms are built on the Akura™ Spheroid Microplates and Spheroid Models so that you can easily transfer all established readouts, while preserving true scalability and robustness.

3D-Ready High-Content Imaging

Unlock the information content of complex biological processes that cannot be addressed at the spheroid level. Our high-content imaging platform exploits the scalability of the 3D multi-cellular spheroid model with a seamlessly integrated pipeline for treatment, staining, clearing and high-resolution confocal imaging. Classical and AI-based 3D image- and multi-parametric data analysis tools are used to identify cell population-specific events, morphological or structural changes to gain relevant insights in spatial biology.

An image of InSphero imaging capabilities via the 3D in vitro technology related to High-content screening
An overview of InSphero capabilities in RNA Sequencing as part of the 3D in vitro technology.

RNA Sequencing

Harness the power of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and unravel secrets of the transcriptome in physiology-relevant 3D in vitro human models via our all-in-one solution. Through RNA-Sequencing technology attuned to low-input material, we accomplish reliable gene expression profiling from biological replicates of single spheroids. Using the RNA-Sequencing pipeline, our experts generate project-specific and gold-standard RNA-Sequencing data analysis for better decision-making.

ARCTis™ Cryopreserved Tumor Models

InSphero ARCTis™ ("Always Ready Cryo Tissues") is an innovative
3D cell culture technology that enables lead compounds testing with human-derived 3D tumor models, cryopreserved in spheroid microplates. Conveniently stored at - 80 °C in your freezer, the plates with cryo tissues are always available, so you can start an experiment without delays due to logistics or production time. 

ARCTis™ Human Tumor
An image showcasing the InSphero InFloat™ System for shipping 3D spheroids, which won the Reddot award for design in 2020.

InFloat™ Shipping System

We are the first biotech company to successfully launch a system for worldwide shipment of live assay-ready microtissues. With the award-winning InFloat™ Shipping System we maintain optimal conditions that keep plates with 3D in vitro models upright and at the appropriate temperature to minimize the risk of loss or damage during express transit. The extra care we take in packing and shipping these delicate 3D live co-cultures ensure they are ready for compound dosing within hours upon receipt.

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