InSphero partners with leading biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and research organizations, to advance scientific research and drug development. Through these collaborations, we drive further the development of scalable, reliable and reproducible 3D cell-based solutions that help researchers yield pragmatic and actionable insights for better and faster decisions.

Industry Partners

InSphero has established dynamic partnerships with biotechnological companies, marking a crucial stride in advancing cutting-edge drug research and development. Through joint efforts, we converge our strengths to create industry-ready platforms and solutions that mimic human biology more accurately, thus revolutionizing preclinical testing, drug efficacy evaluation, and toxicity assessments. 

Academic Partners

InSphero's collaboration with esteemed academic institutions underscores our dedication to advancing scientific frontiers. These partnerships facilitate the exchange of knowledge, resources, and expertise, fostering a fertile ground for innovation with the potential to shape the future of drug development.

R&D Publicly-funded projects

InSphero's engagement with publicly funded R&D projects exemplifies our commitment to driving innovation in a collaborative ecosystem. We contribute our expertise to accelerate the development of breakthrough solutions and to amplify their reach and impact. By bridging the gap between academia, industry, and public sector research, InSphero plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of research that holds the potential to transform multiple facets of human health and scientific understanding.


As a member of prestigious life science organizations, InSphero is actively involved in the advancement of drug discovery science, demonstrating our commitment to fostering continuous discussions and knowledge-sharing. By participating in these organizations, we gain collaborate with thought leaders, experts, and industry peers, which enhances the mutual ability to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies. 

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