3D InSight™ | 3D In Vitro Oncology and Immunology Platform

Uncover valuable insights into mechanisms of action and the effect of multiple cell types in Oncology and Immunology by using our physiologically relevant and scalable 3D Human tumor models.

3D Tumor Models for Advanced 3D In Vitro Oncology and Immunology Research

Conventional, 2D-monolayer cell line-derived tumor models produce generic oncology readouts for viability. The outdated flat biology, which is not representative of tumor and patient heterogeneity is unable to fully capture the unpredictable progression of a complex disease like cancer.

Our 3D InSight™ Oncology platform provides human-derived 3D tumor models that enable you to study cellular interaction in a 3D environment. Our technology enhances the ability to assess various phenotypic characteristics that can accurately predict different aspects of in vivo biology.

Our scalable, reliable and reproducible 3D tumor models allow you to study intracellular interactions and the effect of the tumor micro environment  (TME) on therapeutic resistance and susceptibility. Our ability to multiplex imaging, biochemical and morphological read outs ensure that you maximize the information you get out of a  single tumor spheroid in the context of its TME. Our platform is compatible with many therapeutic modalities including but not limited to small molecules, biologics, protein therapeutics and siRNAs. Each modality is validated on the 3D InSight ™ tumor spheroid platform for biological and technical activity. 

Why 3D In Vitro Oncology and Immunology with InSphero?

Unlock the full potential of your oncology research with innovative 3D tumor models, reflecting the complexity of the disease, while preserving high reproducibility and scalability. Make early-stage decisions for breakthrough therapies in Oncology and Immunology.
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Human 3D tumor models are the future of cancer research

InSphero has pioneered the gold standard for liver toxicology with its 3D InSight™ Liver Model. Based on it, our disease models are leveraging the uniformity, robustness, and ease of use that accelerates your research.

Scalable, industry-ready 3D in vitro tumor spheroids

Enhance your drug investigation by using our scalable 3D InSight™ Oncology & Immunology platform, reproducing the complex tumor micro-environment.

Monitoring the immune component in cancer biology

Measuring various facets of the tumor-immune interaction in a scalable 3D in vitro model is key to understanding therapeutic resistance, especially for IO indications.

Make early-stage go/no-go decisions

Incorporating physiologically relevant, 3D cell culture oncology models at the beginning of the hit-to-lead process results in less attrition, enabling informed early-staged decisions.

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Our Approach in 3D In Vitro Oncology and Immunology

Reliable and fast hazard identification in 3D in vitro liver safety assessment

Target Identification and Validation

Identification and validation of potential drug targets in a physiologically relevant context
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Modeling tumor heterogeneity and patient diversity

Use genomically characterized patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models to reflect the heterogeneity seen in patients

High throughput screening

High throughput screening with multiplexed endpoints provides rich datasets that allow for rational decision-making

Modular platform

Build tumor models with differing layers of complexity and throughput to interrogate different biological questions for therapeutic compounds in question


3D InSight™ Therapeutic Modality Screening
3D InSight™ Immuno-Oncology Screening


ARCTis™ Human Tumor - Cryopreserved 3D Tumor Models
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