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InSphero is the only 3D in vitro model company with the platform and expertise to modernize drug discovery in a way that empowers researchers to reach their full potential. Our innovative spheroid-based models allow for more effective, safe therapies to reach the clinic through truly superior robustness, reliability, reproducibility, and scalability. InSphero’s goal is to inspire the next generation of breakthrough therapies through customer centricity, commitment to innovation, and the model of excellence.


To modernize drug discovery in ways that inspire researchers everywhere to reach their full potential and fuel a new era of breakthrough therapies.


To inspire researchers, worldwide, to reach their full potential so that life changing therapies can ultimately make it into the hands of patients.

Our Commitments

Life is Three-Dimensional

InSphero is challenging the status quo and working to make 3D in vitro platforms accessible to researchers everywhere.

The right tools in the right hands can change the world. Ours empower researchers to reach their full potential in the quest for breakthrough therapies.

Quality is What We Deliver

Researchers at our core, we understand that innovation drives new discovery, but only when obstacles to adoption are removed. 

Constantly solving scientific questions and embracing opportunity, we lead the way to new possibilities. As pioneers of 3D tissue models, we stand at the forefront of our field.

We are Reliable

Our customers count on our complex in vitro models and on our team, and we never fail to follow through.

We are Scalable

No matter the number of data points or resources required, InSphero rises to meet the challenge.

We are Reproducible

Others cannot match what we do. We hold firm to our own consistency and commitment to delivering the same high-quality results yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

This is The Model of Excellence™

This is how we set the gold standard. We will do more than raise the bar for drug discovery. We will reimagine what is possible.


InSphero was founded in 2009 as an official spin-​off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – ETH Zürich. The main mission of the co-founders, Dr. Jan Lichtenberg, Dr. Wolfgang Moritz, and Dr. Jens Kelm was to address the rising need for alternative methods to animal testing in the drug discovery process. 


Starting with a team of 5 people, the first milestone of the company was the development of the Akura™ PLUS Hanging Drop System, which enabled researchers to successfully form spheroids even from cells whichthat cannot aggregate on ULA surfaces.2010

Based on the proprietary 3D InSight™ Platform, the first 3D human-derived liver microtissue was developed. This led to the successful introduction of the assay-ready 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues – the gold standard model for Liver Safety and Liver Disease drug studies. 2012

Leveraging on the strong in-house expertise in 3D cell culture, the team developed further the 3D InSight™ portfolio by creating an islet microtissue model, unlocking a new chapter for drug research in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.2014

InSphero engineered the Akura™ Flow Organ-on-a-Chip system to be compatible with the complete portfolio of 3D InSight™ organoids, opening the door to a nearly unlimited variety of pre-clinical efficacy and toxicity testing applications in a multi-tissue, microfluidic assay format.2017

With an expanding team of over 60 highly experienced scientists and engineers, the company moved to a spacious office and laboratory space in the Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zürich, catering to the growing industry demand for reliable and scalable 3D in vitro solutions.


To cater the growing global demand for 3D in vitro solutions for drug discovery, InSphero expanded their distribution network in Europe, US and Asia. Through these valuable partnerships, the pioneer of 3D cell-based assay unlocked the access to The Model of Excellence™ worldwide.2023
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