InSphero’s leadership team combines rich scientific and commercial expertise in 3D microtissue engineering, cell-based assays, laboratory automation, and industry-scale production and quality assurance. The strategic management expertise of our Board of Directors and Strategic Advisory Board members complements our leadership scheme.

Management Team

Jan Lichtenberg

Jan Lichtenberg, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder
Madhu Nag

Madhu Nag, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
Filip Henzler

Filip Henzler

Chief Financial Officer
Paul Clemencon

Paul Edgard Clémençon, MBA

Head of Business Development

Wolfgang Moritz, PhD

Head of External Collaborations, Co-founder

Henriette Schneider, PhD

Head of IP

Marion Bavand, PhD, MBA

Head of Quality Assurance
Stina Näslund

Stina Näslund, MSc

Head of Human Resources
David Fluri

David Fluri, PhD

Head of Operations
Olivier Frey

Olivier Frey, PhD

Vice President, Technologies and Platforms
Bruno Filippi

Bruno Filippi, PhD

Vice President, Liver Safety
Francisco Verdeguer

Francisco Verdeguer, PhD

Vice President, Liver Disease
Burcak Yesildag

Burcak Yesildag, PhD

Vice President, Islet Biology

Laure-Anne Ligeon, PhD

Team Lead Oncology & Immunology

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Thomas Hartung, MD, PhD

Scientific Advisor - Liver Safety

Prof. Matthias von Herrath, MD

Scientific Advisor - Islet Biology

Prof. Gerd Kullak-Ublick, MD

Scientific Advisor - Liver Safety

Prof. Decio Eizirik, MD, PhD

Scientific Advisor - Islet Biology

Prof. Nikolai Naoumov, MD, PhD

Scientific Advisor - Liver Disease
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