Predicting Metabolism-Related Drug-Drug Interactions with Organ-on-a-Chip Technology

Drug-drug interactions (DDIs) occur when the pharmacological activity of one drug is altered by a second drug. As multimorbidity and polypharmacotherapy are becoming more common due to aging populations, the risk of DDIs is rapidly increasing.

In this webinar, InSphero Vice President of Technologies and Platforms Dr. Olivier Frey and Dr. Christian Lohasz from the Bio Engineering Laboratory at ETH Zurich, present a scalable, gravity-driven microfluidic system for studying DDIs in a multi-tissue network comprised of 3D human liver and tumor models, using drug combinations known to cause DDIs in vivo. This study was published in the journal Advanced Biosystems.

You will learn:

  • Challenges of modeling DDIs in vitro and how multi-tissue microfluidic networks enable DDI testing
  • Characteristics of 3D human liver and tumor models suitable for pharmacological investigations
  • Bio-engineering considerations for multi-organ networks in preclinical substance testing
  • Results of proof-of-concept studies using anti-cancer prodrugs to identify and quantify DDIs
  • Future outlook for microfluidic multi-tissue networks in pharmacokinetics
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