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Assessment of cancer metastatic potential in Akura™ Immune Flow Platform

Species-Specific Liver Microtissues: A Set of Micro-physiological Systems to Assess Translational Hepatotoxicity in Drug Development

Scalable 3D Cell Culture-based Retinal Fibrosis Model for Efficacy Testing

Assessing anti-tumor efficacy of tumor-dendritic cell reprogramming using immuno-competent 3D tumor microtissue models

Digital pathology with artificial intelligence analysis provides insight to the efficacy of anti-fibrotic compounds in human 3D MASH model

Screening and comparison of current clinical candidates in MASH using human liver spheroids

Extending the choice of ULA plates for primary 3D human liver spheroid formation and experimentation with the Akura™ Spheroid Microplates

Deciphering Metabolic Cross-Talk: Insights into Liver-Islet Interactions with human Microtissues and scalable Microphysiological Systems

Assessment of immune cell infiltration and cancer metastatic potential in Akura™ Immune Flow Chip - A microfluidic 3D spheroid system

New microplate platform with cryopreserved 3D tumor spheroids for faster and convenient pre-clinical testing

Mitigation of liver toxicity effects of bispecific T cell engagers in immune-competent liver-tumor co-culturing high-throughput platform

Species-specific liver microtissues: a set of micro-physiological systems to study the species differences in drug-induced liver injury

Initial evaluation of the use of human liver microtissues for the hepatotoxicity assessment of antisense oligonucleotides

On the relevance of human liver microtissues for the detection of hepatoxic drugs early in the drug development process

Patient-derived steatotic hepatocytes reveal non-cell autonomous inflammation and fibrogenic effects in multicellular liver spheroids

Akura™ 3D SureKit - New All-in-one Kit for 3D Liver Microtissue Formation

3D InSight™ Oncology platform for novel cancer therapies - REPRINT Project - AACR 2023

Akura™ 384 ImagePro

3D High-content imaging in Akura™ 384 with minimal optical aberration enables accurate quantitation of co-localized fluorescent signals within the nuclei of a 3D spheroid model

Streamlining 3D high content-imaging by combining automated 3D spheroid culturing, staining and imaging in a multifunctional well-plate

Akura™ 96 Spheroid Microplate

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